A Gentlemen's Guide to Rocking the Festival of Colors!

We know ‘Holi Hai’ is a few calendar days away! If you're preparing for it only by shopping for colours, you know you are half-prepared. Now that you've landed here in the right place, we have all the insights you need to celebrate it with style, finesse and adequate care. 

Let's splash you gently with all the tips to make you into a work of 'art'!

1. Dress for comfort

The festival, after all, is a colour war! To avoid a post-Holi fashion disaster, choose clothes you don't mind getting colourful. A plain white tee or a vibrant kurta paired with comfy shorts or denim is a fail-safe choice. You’ll also need non-slippery shoes or waterproof flip-flips to help you zig-zag through when you're busy dodging colour bombs.

2. Wear Shades of Protection

While the splash of colours will grace your face all day, it's advisable to shield your eyes from sneaky attacks with sunglasses to protect your eyes. Opt for shades with  UV protection as long exposure to bright sun rays may irritate them later if unprotected.

3. Layer up with Hair Heroes

We know Holi colours are super stubborn on hair. You must guard it with oil or a hair serum. Look for ones with argan oil for protection against heat while playing the fields and essential vitamins like those present in CODE Hair Serum for Men to make colour removal a breeze later. It also ensures that it remains glossy and manageable throughout the festivities.

4. Perfume up!

A great perfume is your wingman during Holi, as any unwelcome odour can spoil the fun. That’s why we can't recommend CODE Titanium Body Perfume enough! It's a saviour for indulging in the Holi revelry with all the fun and sweat outside. Its marine freshness will give you much-needed energy while also making people captivated to be around you. A super confidence and charisma combo! Arm yourself with the refreshing fragrance also available in our pre-holi Combo

5. Skincare Essentials: Hydration and Protection

In all the revelry, keeping yourself hydrated and your skin protected is crucial. Carry a water bottle to stay refreshed throughout the day, and don't skimp on sunscreen to shield your skin from the sun's rays. After all, you want your Holi memories to be filled with laughter, not sunburns! A lightweight, non-greasy sunscreen lotion like CODE Sunscreen Body Lotion is ideal for keeping your skin safe while you're having a blast. Its lightweight, fast-absorbing, and non-greasy formula ensures comfort during celebrations. Dermatologically tested, this lotion is suitable for all skin types, ensuring everyone can enjoy the festivities worry-free. 

Well, there you have it, folks—your ticket to mastering the art of Holi style like a true pro! If you're looking for Holi gift packs for men or something extra to spice up the occasion, we at the Wild Stone CODE team have got you covered; explore Holi gift hampers.

Let’s embrace the delightful chaos, and here's to a Holi filled with loads of colour and overloaded with laughter and love, and, of course!

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