Holi Ready: Skincare and Haircare Tricks for Men

Holi is the ultimate colour combat zone – where every splash is a battle cry, and every hue is a weapon of mass 'dye-struction'. While there's fierce competition between friends and family, other sneaky elements also fight to wreak havoc on your face, hair and overall skin. 

While we're not suggesting you wrap yourself in bubble wrap (though, hey, it could be a funky look), it's wise to arm yourself with some basic hacks to shield your precious skin and hair during this colourful showdown.

Let us help you with some must-have Holi skin and haircare hacks so that you don't wake up the following day looking scruffy but like a rockstar.

1. Apply Sunscreen - to keep sun damage at bay

You will be out in the sun for good enough hours. Not protecting your face from UV rays may cause sunburn, irritation, rashes, and a host of other skin issues. Applying Sunscreen is your best defence as a protective barrier against the sun's harmful effects. Apply it liberally and emerge from the colourful battlefield unscathed.

2. Lather up with body Lotion - to avoid colours staining your skin

Before you charge onto the fields of colour, check that you have worn abundant body lotion. It goes beyond just keeping your skin moisturised; it's about creating a fortress against stubborn colours and the sun's rays. Imagine your body feeling hydrated and fresh as you march through the colourful chaos while your skin thanks you for the extra care. No more worrying about post-festival visible regrets. 

3. Use Hair Serum- style your hair and get rid of colours easily

Let's remember your crowning glory! Quality hair serum provides extra protection for your locks. With this one by your side, you can let your hair loose without worries, knowing that the serum will wash away sticky colours swiftly, leaving your mane looking as sharp as ever for your next important meetings. Say goodbye to post-Holi hair and hello to hair that's as smooth as silk!

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4. Keep feeling fresh with perfume

Wearing perfume during Holi? Now, that's adding some natural flair to the festivities! It's not just about feeling your best; it's also about exuding confidence and leaving an impression - ensuring everyone knows you're here to party in style.

We recommend you bring CODE Iridium to the party as you will attract more people than colours!

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Bring your funk, unleash your swagger, and party till the dawn - unbothered. With these skincare and haircare hacks, you can make this Holi the most epic yet. 

So gather your crew, grab your colours, and let the festivities begin! Wishing you a Happy Holi from Team Wild Stone CODE.

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