7 Expert Hacks for Long-Lasting Perfume From Dusk To Dawn

It's a given – your expectation is for your signature perfume to last effortlessly from sun up to sun down.

But it can be frustrating when the fragrance fades away prematurely. There are a lot of factors worth considering that affect how long it stays. 

This is why we are here to arm you with seven quick hacks to make your perfumes last long: 

1. Moisturise Before You Spray:

Before you reach for your perfume bottle, remember to layer your skin with a moisturiser. Hydrating your skin with a non-sticky one before spraying creates a smooth surface for the perfume molecules to cling to, making them less likely to evaporate quickly.This comes with an added bonus of a softer, smoother skin. It's a win-win for you.

2. Hit the Pulse Points:

Pulse points are your perfume's hot spots. Your wrists, neck, and even behind your ears emit heat. These areas then naturally help activate and diffuse the fragrance throughout the day. Remember these areas and you are on your way to keep the perfume’s powers with you.  

3. Layer Like a Pro:

Ever considered layering your favourite perfumes? These experiments create a strong foundation and help your signature perfume last till sundown. Start with a body wash or lotion in the same fragrance family (E.g. floral fragrances are often combined with citrus notes). This tag-team approach creates an incredible fragrant experience that lingers on throughout. 

4. Don't Rub, Just Dab:

It's a common habit we are all guilty of. After spraying your perfumes, you may tend to rub your wrists together instinctively. But this habit is a fragrance-power killer. Quick rubbing breaks down the fragrance molecules, causing them to evaporate faster. Instead, dab or pat the fragrance onto your skin and let it work its magic naturally.

5. Mind Your Storage:

Your perfume might find a place on your bathroom shelf, but that's the worst place to keep it. Heat, light, and humidity can all degrade the quality of your fragrance faster than you can think of. Instead, store your perfumes in a cool, dark place, like a drawer or cabinet, to keep them fresh and their notes potent for longer.

6. Seize the Post-Shower Moment:

The best time to spritz  your favourite perfume is right  after a refreshing shower. Your pores are primed and ready to lock in the fragrance like a sponge. Pat your skin dry, apply a light, non-sticky moisturiser, and then spritz your perfume. This will effortlessly make it linger more by a few extra hours, without breaking a  sweat!

7. Re-Up Throughout the Day:

Just like a quick touch-up of your hairstyle can revive your look, a fresh spritz of luxury perfumes for men can reignite your fragrance profile and keep you smelling sharp! Feel free to reapply your perfume as needed throughout the day.

Now that the Wild Stone CODE team has handed you over the seven hacks to a long lasting perfume, you are armed to turn heads and pause conversations instantly. That's the power of a perfume. Use these secrets and get ready to leave a trail of captivated audiences!
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