Be Wedding Ready: Men's Hairstyles You Must Try

Indian wedding season is here, and you can hear the drum beats from miles away. With wedding invites coming to your home and your wardrobe looking snap-ready, have you decided on the hairstyle to add the finishing touch to your ensemble?

Don’t sweat! The Wild Stone CODE team is here to take the pressure away from you as we guide you through the head-turning hairstyles.

Let's get ready!

The Classic Side Part

A timeless choice that effortlessly channels the grand vibes of wedding celebrations. Whether you're the best friend or just rocking up as a guest, this style is a no-brainer winner. This style will give you an instant upgrade to match the regality of the whole wedding shindig!

How to style it:

  • You will need a hair wax to shape your hair and fix the style for hours
  • Apply a bit to your damp hair
  • Comb it to the side to tame it

And there you have it – an effortlessly dapper look

It’s that simple!

Slicked Back Undercut

The slicked-back undercut is not just a hairstyle; it’s a power move. If you aim to channel your inner superhero or James Bond persona all out, this hairstyle is a 100/100! It instantly exudes confidence, making a statement in all celebrations.

How to style it:

  • Use a hair dryer for precision: direct it to elevate and sweep the parted section upward.
  • Apply hair pomade on the crown to lock in the structure
  • Expertly comb it back

Then, witness the transformation as you effortlessly emerge as the showstopper of the Shaadi events.

Messy Look

Now, consider the messy textured look for the more laid-back events such as cocktail events and after-parties during the wedding season. It adds a playful touch to your look, perfectly balancing the casual and modern swag.

How to style it:

  • Apply a small quantity of hair wax for men to your dried hair
  • Run your fingers to create that effortlessly tousled look that's just made for those sangeet nights.

Curly Top with Low Fade

If you are blessed with naturally luscious curls, it's time to embrace the charm of a curly top paired with a low fade. This hair fusion transcends the ordinary and exudes a desi look with an urban twist.

How to style it:

  • Opt for a lightweight hair wax for men to define those curls without weighing them down.
  • Apply it to damp hair, and let the hairstyle steal glances from the ladies at all events!

As you gear up for the wedding season, take these trendy looks curated by Wild Stone CODE for a spin and find the one that complements your personality. And remember, the secret to that flawless finish lies in your choice of hair wax and hair pomade for men. After all, it's all about letting your hair stay in shape through dancing till the sun is up!

Here's to looking sharp, standing out, and celebrating the wedding season in style!

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