Bhai Dooj: Must-Have Gift Packs for Your Brother

There are only a few days in a year when you can take a break from sibling fights and hug it out! Bhai Dooj is one of them, and it's right around the corner. Now is the perfect time to go all out and bring gifts to win your brother over. 

Don't do ordinary this year; let's kick things up by showering him with extra-special gift packs for men handpicked by the Wild Stone CODE Team.

CODE Trio Luxury Perfumes Pack

So, what's in the box? You get three 100ml luxury perfumes for men crafted in France, the world's fragrance capital. These perfumes for men will win over your brother in a spritz!

Acqua Perfume is like a burst of sea waves. Your brother will feel as if he's chilling at the beach every time he uses it. It's perfect to keep his spirits up throughout the year.

Terra Perfume is all about that earthy warmth. It's the kind of fragrance that wraps you in an aura of magnetism, making your brother effortlessly stand out in the crowd.

Pyro Perfume is an instant confidence booster that your brother needs while tackling high-stress situations!

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CODE Skin Range Combo for Men with Face Cleanser, Face Moisturizer & Body Lotion

Within this sleek gift package, you'll uncover the ultimate skincare trio: a cleanser, moisturiser, and body lotion – the holy grail for battling the harsh upcoming winters. But these aren't your ordinary skin care products. They are loaded with nourishing ingredients engineered for a complete transformation. 

This set embodies what your brother truly deserves – a taste of premium skincare essentials that will uplift his often-neglected daily routine.

Incorporate this gift pack for men into your Bhai Dooj celebration, and watch his face leak a million-dollar smile when he opens it!

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CODE Hair Combo for Men with Hair Volumizing Powder & Hair Serum

This Wild Stone CODE Hair Combo for men comes with Hair Volumizing Powder and Hair Serum, which is all about giving your brother hair brilliance. It's the ultimate gift for your hair, offering nourishment and style in one package.

The CODE Hair Serum will deeply nourish and revitalise those strands. Your brother can expect irresistibly smooth and shiny hair with this serum, which effortlessly tames frizz - a lifesaver in the dry seasons. 

But the magic doesn't stop there. CODE's Volumizing Powder is a secret weapon for hair volume and texture. This innovative powder instantly lifts those strands, adding body and bounce to the hair, making it appear fuller and more voluminous. A true style booster in a bottle!

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In each carefully curated gift pack for men, you'll find a treasure

of products designed to make your brother feel like a king. Whether it's the body perfumes for men, skin care wonders, or hair-transforming powerhouses. These are no ordinary presents; they are filled with self-care love, promising to pamper your brother like royalty!

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