Crack the Code to Post-Holi Look: Top Hacks to Look Presentable

Congrats! You've made it through the colour explosion. Now, we're here with some hacks so you don't resemble a dye experiment the morning after. From battling those annoying colour stains to resurrecting your hair from its post-Holi haywire state, we have the ultimate post-Holi combos to help you transform into a presentable human being. 

So grab your leftover gujiyas, and let's dive right into this!

Post Holi Radiant Care Combo (Arctic Body Wash + Hair Serum + Iridium Body Perfume + Sunscreen Body Lotion)

Face the Holi aftermath without worrying 1%. Our CODE Radiant Care Combo is here to make you look like your best self. The pack comes with:

CODE Arctic Body Wash is a burst of menthol freshness to wake you up from your Holi hangover. No more pesky marks; welcome brighter, more radiant skin. It's ideal for washing off the colours and dirt from a nonstop day of celebrations, leaving your skin glowing and instantly refreshed. 

CODE Hair Serum: After all that non-stop play, your hair is probably as tangled as your Holi memories, but this hair serum will work its magic, transforming your scraggly-looking hair into a shiny, luscious mane. Who knew post-Holi hair could look this good?

CODE Iridium Body Perfume: This perfume is for you if you don't want to smell like a gulal factory. Its woody fragrance not only keeps lingering odours at bay but also boosts your confidence. You'll feel like you've conquered every mini-Holi war the day before as you strut around with an air of assurance.

CODE Sunscreen Body Lotion. Because even though you're done with the colours, the sun isn't done with you. Stay hydrated and protected from those UV rays while flaunting your post-Holi glow. You can have all the fun in the world while being sun-safe at the same time. 

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Holi Gift Hamper with Beard Oil, Beard Wash & Face Moisturiser

Introducing the Holi Gift Hamper with Beard Oil, Beard Wash & Face Moisturizer – your ultimate survival kit for the morning after the chaos of Holi:

CODE Beard Oil: Ah, the morning after Holi - your beard resembling a rainbow gone wrong. But fear not! The beard oil in this Holi gift pack for men provides intense conditioning and nourishment. With a luxurious overnight massage, your beard will be softer than a cloud! 

CODE Beard Wash: Playing Holi can cover you with dirt and germs. But this beard wash effectively cleanses your facial mane, removing colours from the roots. Your beard can breathe again without clogging pores and protecting it from acne! 

CODE Face Moisturiser: Holi can dry your skin, especially with all the powdery colours and whole-day sun exposure. The face moisturiser in this combo provides long-lasting hydration, ensuring your skin feels nourished and refreshed even after a day of festivities. The bonus is that it’s so light you’ll not have to worry about stickiness or irritation, ever! 

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Say 'YES' to a Holi of not holding you back because, with these Holi Gift hampers, you'll be packed with all you need to tackle the woes and still look like a boss the morning after. So go insane with colours because, with Wild Stone CODE, you'll be the hero of every Holi party, even when the colours have faded away!
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