Crush Valentine's Day: 5 Grooming Tips You Can't Miss!

Sharpen those love arrows and dust off the ordinary because it's time to turn up the heat this Valentine's Day. Whether you are plotting an extravagant adventure or simply aiming to sweep your sweetheart off their feet, remember grooming comes FIRST before you execute your plan. Indulge in self-grooming love or Valentine's Day gifts for yourself without delay.

Without further ado, let’s dive deep into five grooming tips designed to leave your Valentine utterly spellbound.

Take notes!

Tip # 1: Let Your Sleek Hair Do the Flirting!

Why settle for the 'same old, same old' when you can rock the runway with your locks? Don't just tame your mane; experiment with styles that scream confidence!

We have the ultimate hair game-changer, Wild Stone CODE Hair Wax! With a dash of this magic potion, your hair transforms into any glossy style that refuses to go unnoticed. It's your go-to for those spontaneous touch-ups throughout the day.

Dive into a world of styling possibilities with this hair wax for men.

Tip # 2: Keep Your Beard Neat

Get the smoothest, most irresistible beard in town!

Say 'adios' to grime and 'hello' to a super soft beard, courtesy of CODE Beard Wash.

Infused with the finest oils to remove impurities, this self-pampering Valentine's Day gift is a beard spa retreat. With every lather, you're not just cleaning your beard but indulging in the soothing scents of tea tree and cedarwood oil for the immersive, calming experience

Tip # 3: Master that beard!

Wrangle that wild mane and transform it into a masterpiece. We recommend our men's favourite CODE Beard Wax. This is your 'peace out' to those pesky flyaways and a way to a beard smoother than butter. You'll enjoy a stronghold that can withstand the antics of the wildest rom-com hero.

Buy all three CODE Hair Wax, Beard Wash and Beard Wax at a super price!

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Tip #4: Get Fragrance Finesse

The perfume monotony has to go out the window this Valentine's Day. Keep your date hypnotised with rare fragrances. We have a CODE Luxury Perfume Gift Set that's a Valentine's Day gift for you (and her!). You can call it the ultimate fragrant seduction.

Crafted in France, each fragrance is designed to take her breath away. Whether you're craving the revitalising marine burst of Acqua, Terra's timeless sophistication, or Pyro's commanding presence, there's one to match every mood and occasion.

So, why stress over choosing just one scent when you can have them all?

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Tip #5. Radiant Skin, Radiant You

Before you make your grand entrance, ensure your skin is as sophisticated as your demeanour.

First up, it's time to wipe away the day's grime with a face cleanser and let your skin breathe easily. We recommend our CODE Face Wash.

Next, it's all about self-love with our face mask. Smooth out those rough patches and unveil a complexion so flawless that it's like your best pitch—smooth, confident, and impossible to resist! Our go-to- favourite is the CODE Face Mask.

Last but not least, seal the deal with the moisturiser. Lock in that hydration and strut into your date night feeling like a millionaire. With radiant skin, you'll have your Valentine go gaga before you even utter a word.

Now that's how you steal the show!

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As we wrap up our Wild Stone CODE grooming guide, remember every detail matters. Whether you're wrangling your wild locks, sculpting that oh-so-handsome beard, or choosing the love perfumes- every move counts.

Say no to holding back. Let your heart lead the way, and your style do the talking!
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