Get, Set, Celebrate – CODE to an epic Dussehra!

Dussehra is making a grand entrance with a long weekend, and it's time to get in the festive groove. The occasion signifies the conquest of good over evil, and what better way to honour it than by looking and feeling absolutely incredible! Whether you want to treat yourself like royalty or make your loved ones feel extra special, here are some signature CODE fragrances that you’ll love.

We have a rundown of the top body perfumes for men by Wild Stone CODE – to pamper yourself and the ones around you!

CODE Luxury Perfume for Men, Pack of 3

The CODE Perfume Pack for Men is like a three-piece luxury gift pack for men with fragrance statements in a box! But wait, it's time to unbox the excitement and discover what makes this trio truly extraordinary:

1. CODE Terra Perfume

Terra Perfume is a refined essence inspired by the earth's charm. The fragrance is timeless and twice as charming! Terra is your go-to choice if you're on the hunt for something that exudes class and charm, like a Bollywood heartthrob. So, spray it on, and get ready to conquer the Dussehra party dance floor with swag and charisma!

2. CODE Pyro Perfume

Pyro is more than just a fragrance; it's a wild and audacious firework show that sparks a statement wherever you wander - a true rockstar! It will ignite a passion within you that's ready to party during Dussehra till the sun is up. As you hit the road with your

friends, Pyro becomes your spotlight, commanding attention and admiration wherever fun leads!

3. CODE Acqua Perfume

The Acqua Perfume is like a breathtaking infusion of freshness that will refresh your soul within seconds- just like a dip in nature’s revered waters. With this fragrance, you can immerse yourself in the enchanting and pure embrace, much like how we celebrate the triumph of virtue during Dussehra.

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CODE Chrome Body Perfume

With the hustle and bustle of Dussehra, your to-do list might be long. Staying fresh and energetic should be on your priority list while running errands. Don't worry; CODE Chrome is your sidekick throughout the celebrations. A spritz is like a breath of fresh air with refreshing zesty citrus notes. It will give you the much-needed reset during daytime events and outdoor celebrations.

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CODE Gold Body Perfume

With its mix of carnation and woody warm notes, CODE Gold Perfume is the suave secret agent of fragrances, perfect for daytime festivities and evening soirees. You'll feel like walking down the festival runway with this classy perfume, elevating your Dussehra presence to a new level. Take every step as if it’s your red carpet walk with this body perfume for men.

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Whether you're all about those bold and intense fragrances that announce your presence or prefer something as refreshing as the party mixers, we have the best body perfumes for men that match your vibe. So, this Dussehra, don't just join the festival's spirit – OWN it with a Wild Stone CODE!

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