Guide to Nailing Your Valentine's Week Plans

Amidst the hustle and bustle of planning romantic Valentine's Week, don't forget to RSVP for your self-care. It will give you the much-needed confidence and swag. It isn't something a fancy suit can give you —you will get it by shaping it through some careful planning. The Wild Stone CODE team has the insights to help you get ready.

Let’s start your Valentine's week with these grooming routines:

Pamper your face:

A face mask will save your Valentine's week from dullness and stress.

Look for hydrating face masks that diligently exfoliate away dead cells and unclog pores, ensuring you're ready for your close-up during those romantic moments.

We recommend CODE Hydrating Face Mask. Its deep hydration power will leave you with a dewy, irresistible glow that even Cupid would envy. Whether dining out or staying in, let this mask be your secret for looking and feeling your best throughout.

Hydrate Enough To leave dryness behind:

Winter is about to go, but the season leaves dryness on your face.

Prepare for a flawless Valentine's Week with the Wild Stone CODE Hydrating Face Moisturizer. This hydrating powerhouse potion has enough skin-loving ingredients to ensure you look and feel your best.

With its Hydra Lock technology, it acts as a moisture magnet, pulling hydration from the air and locking it into your skin's three layers. No more flaky, itchy skin during the week of love.

Eliminate grime:

The daily dust & grime clogs up your pores and causes irritation and breakouts. Shield yourself by cleansing yourself with a face wash before you start your day. Our go-to is the CODE Hydrating Face Cleanser!

Infused with natural ingredients, this cleanser effortlessly spreads across your skin, diving deep into pores to banish impurities and germs that cause pesky pimples. It has a menthol after-effect to give your skin an ice-cool sensation that pumps you with energy.

You can buy the three Skin Care Combo at a limited offer price here: CODE Revitalizing Skincare Trio.

Transform Your Beard into a Majestic Mane:

Whether you're sporting a subtle stubble or a full-length beard, it's time to give it a legendary status! Wash the stubborn dirt that settles on it with CODE Beard Wash and style it with beard wax. Look for the ones loaded with natural products such as Kokum Butter and Beeswax so that style comes with nutrition. Treat yourself regularly to leave your beard as soft as a whisper and glorious as a lion's mane!

Experiment with Your Look:

Say no to the same hairstyle! How about you sport her favourite heartthrob's look? Well, wonder no more! With CODE Hair Wax, you can effortlessly go for any celebrity's signature hairdo without breaking a sweat. Non-sticky and light, your hair will stay on point from dawn until dusk!

Don't wait too long. Grab the ultimate combo for men at a special price: CODE Elegant Expression Trio (Hair Wax, Beard Wash & Beard Wax)

Now that you have the secrets let’s kickstart the much-awaited Valentine's week with a grooming routine that'll have you feeling like James Bond himself. Consider it as a Wild Stone CODE Valentine's Day gift for men. So, it's time to raise the bar and make it a celebration of dapper style and undeniable charm.

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