Know How the Scents of Earth, Fire and Water Influence Your Senses

Thinking of nature, the first image that appears in our mind is of mighty mountains, pristine beaches or endless skies that reflect beautiful colours. However, another thing is just as important to nature – its natural scent! The scents of nature are often overlooked but have a powerful impact on our senses and mood.

Believed by ancient Greek, including the great philosopher Aristotle, everything is made up of five elements earth, water, air, ether, and fire. Backed by Modern Science, this claim stands strong and has been a cornerstone of philosophy, science, and medicine for 2000 years! Ever wondered about the fragrances of these life-forming elements? Scroll down to know more!


One of the five essential elements that form matter, the Earth is a humble element that's a core part of our existence. Who doesn't revel in the heavenly scent of the Earth after the first showers of rain? The joy of petrichor is paramount. From the earthy smell of spring to the crisp, incredible fragrance of fall, these fragrances always had a soft spot in the heart of nature lovers who seek solace and calm.  

Presenting TERRA, Inspired by Earth

Fusing earthy notes inspired by nature's scent, Wild Stone CODE has crafted the fragrance of Terra that makes one feel close to nature. Curated for the optimistic men who constantly seek out the joy of little things in life and create a cheerful aura around them. Wearing this classy scent that stays for long hours makes your confident persona even more irresistible.  

The Base notes include Oakmoss, Vetiver, Patchouli, Cedarwood, and Musk.

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Just like the sun is Earth's energy generator, fire is our body's energy generator. It symbolises passion, energy, light, and heat. The scent of warm firewood in chilled winters is comforting when keeping yourself warm inside a cosy room. On the other hand, the scent of firewood appeals to energising when you're on a trek with your mates, sitting together outside your tents and seeking adventure amidst the cold winds.

Presenting PYRO, Inspired by Fire

Putting together the energy and charisma of fire, Wild Stone CODE has intensely crafted the fragrance of PYRO, inspired by masculine luxury perfumes for men. Designed for those driven by fire in the belly to achieve something great, this enticing and bold scent complements the go-getter attitude. It also complements a well-groomed look that's about to have a bash. A good spray of PYRO will last long, keeping your smell tempting, vibrant, and intense.   

The top notes are Bergamot and Sichuan pepper.

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The source of life which provides us with our most basic nourishment. It's calm, yet it yields unbounded powers. Remember how you felt when you saw a pristine water body so transparent that you could count the stones in the rock bed or spot a school of fish swimming in circles? This soothing feeling of witnessing purity can only be experienced and not expressed—for example, the fragrance of water filled in its surroundings like the dewy grass or mist.

Presenting ACQUA, Inspired by Water

Enveloping the freshness of the ocean in a perfume bottle, Wild Stone CODE has crafted the fragrance of Acqua that works like a subtle charm. Just a good spritz would feel like a refreshing walk on the beach or near a water shore where all you can smell is the dreamy mist. Acqua, one of the most refreshing perfumes for men, is designed explicitly for the well-groomed men who like to be clad in a fresh and mellow scent around the clock.

The top notes include Aqua, Green Apple and Lemon.

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Are you intrigued by these nature-inspired fragrances by Wild Stone CODE? Get your hands on them today!

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