Know Your Situation Skinside Out

Wait a minute, there’s a difference between the two? Yes, they are as different as oil and water (or more specifically, a lack of oil and water). This distinction is important to understand because it helps to define how exactly you arrive at your intended destination - healthy, hydrated skin. So let’s dive right into it.

Simply put: dry skin is a type of skin while dehydrated skin is a temporary condition. In the case of dry skin, your body is unable to produce the required level of sebum oil - the essential building block of the skin barrier that helps it contain moisture and protects it from moisture-stripping threats in the environment. This results in a rough texture, making your skin itch and flake.

While dry skin stems from genetic configuration, dehydrated skin arises from a drop in water levels in the layers of your skin. This could be because of extreme heat and cold, dryness of the air, lack of sleep and nutrition, and even from being out and about in the sun. And because water is life, the lack of it makes your skin look dull and lifeless, and causes it to lose its elasticity till it starts to wrinkle.

So, now that you know the difference, you are now ready to look for moisturisers best suited to your situation. The thumb rule to follow here is that moisturisers that coat the skin in protective oils work best with dry skin and those that also replenish water levels by seeping deep below the surface are the perfect solution for dehydrated skin. In other words, “oil-based” and “water-based”.

With our WIld Stone CODE skincare range, we have sought to balance these twin goals using our patented Hydra Lock technology, carefully blending absorbent ingredients that soak up water from the air with fortifying oils that lock in moisture to revitalise your skin.

In fact, for your face, you can further beat dehydration by starting with cleansing products that also do their bit to hydrate your skin, like a face cleanser daily or face mask regularly. Then follow up with moisturiser, and you’re good to go!

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