Skin Essentials for Holi

The Holi season is finally here. Let there be colours, and let there be enjoyment to the fullest extent! From smothering people's faces with colours and soulfully drinking the day's drink- "Bhaang", tapping your feet to groovy desi beats, and relishing the food feasts, Holi as a festival is the ultimate definition of fun.

Before stepping out to celebrate, prepare for an unabashed celebration by picking grooming products for men by CODE. You cannot miss out on these essentials before having a Holi bash because these skin care products for men are mainly designed to nourish your skin and hair from the consequences of a colourful celebration.

This Holi CODE has got all men covered! We'll ensure your celebration thrives with fun and joy with our nourishing grooming essentials. So, let's begin:

1. Skin/hair/beard Essentials

Your negligence towards your beard and moustache might severely damage them if not taken care of properly before heading out. So, lather some enriching essentials before lathering on colours because they might contain chemicals and irritate your hair and skin.

With CODE's grooming products for men, we have a full-fledged grooming kit consisting of a beard wash, beard oil, beard wax, hair volumizing styling powder, hair serum, hair wax, hair pomade, hair clay, face cleanser, and moisturizer. The moisturizer is the finishing skin care product for men to seal in their skin's moisture and radiate a healthy glow, after which we assure you that you are free to run wild with colours. Also, for added protection for the hair on your head, apply a good amount of hair serum to help your hair bear the brunt of colours.

2. Holi Essentials Pack – (the Holi combos for men by code)

Enjoy the ultimate grooming experience with our Holi Essentials Pack, which are must-haves for all men. We know you want to smell your best and feel fresh throughout your Holi celebrations. So, our grooming combos also include unique fragrances by CODE, including Titanium, Platinum, and Steel, and grooming essentials.
Thanks to the pre-Holi prep done with CODE essentials, your after-Holi skin will look healthy and glowy. And to make the Holi nothing but joyous for you, our CODE combos for him are available at a discounted price.

3. Irresistible Fragrances

After a refreshing shower with Wild Stone CODE's unique fragrances, lock in all that freshness. Our line of fragrances offers you robust, masculine, and stimulating aromas. For creating a protective skin barrier and for that long-lasting scent that stays intact for hours, apply some thick balm-like petroleum jelly before spraying on your perfume or body spray.

I hope you will attend your pre-Holi prep now! Have a wholesome Holi!

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