Valentine's Day Secrets Out! What Women Truly Appreciate

Valentine's Day is when the stakes are too high. After all, she notices everything about you. And can be challenging to impress at times!

While giving thoughtful gifts is one way, we have a playbook of grooming tactics to capture your leading lady's heart.

Grab your notebook, and let's dive into what women appreciate about their Valentine's date so that you can ace dates!

Dress Up for Success

Your getup is about making her go, ‘Wow, that’s my man!’. Whether your signature style leans towards sharp suits or casual charm with t-shirts, don’t forget to polish off your look with well-kept shoes. Tasteful accessories, like a sleek watch, show your extra effort that she will truly appreciate. Show her that you're not just dressed to kill; you are dressed to arrest her attention the whole day.

Wear Your Winning Fragrances

Nothing puts out the spark faster than a lack of attention to your perfume game. Upgrade from "meh" to mesmerising with a splash of rare fragrances - not the same ones she may have been bored of! Now is the time to surprise her!

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Get Your Hair Game Strong

Let's not forget about the main or ‘mane’ event – your hair game. A well-groomed hairstyle can be the cherry on your Valentine's Day look. Whether it's a sleek classic style or a casual messy look, ensure your locks are 100/100 for the occasion. Give your "I've got it all together" look with some easy hair care - comb through those tresses and tame those unruly strands. Be ready to experiment and impress her with a never-seen-before hairstyle with some help from hair wax.

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Groom Your Beard To Perfection

Whether you have a full-on bearded look or a neatly trimmed stubble, a well-maintained facial mane exudes rugged charm and sophistication. Trim the edges, tame the wild hairs, and let your beard do most of the work while she's admiring you on dates.

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Don't Leave Home Without a Deep Cleanse

A fresh-faced approach is a winning strategy. Take time to wash away the grime and stress. A clean look proves that you always put your best self forward for your her. This little skincare TLC never goes unnoticed! Don’t show up with dry skin. That’s a big no! Apply non-sticky hydrating moisturiser leniently to get that glow you see in movie stars.

Bonus tip: Use a face mask to pamper yourself and reset before the date.

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Valentine's Day is your turn to show off your romantic side and remind her why she chose you. This isn't a time to play it safe; it's about making a bold move that will have her swooning and appreciating your efforts forever.

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