Your CODE to get Bowled Over

Greetings, fellow cricket enthusiast! With the World Cup in full swing, it's the perfect moment to stand out. Spritzing on a great perfume amplifies your cricket-watching experience like no other!

Whether you're joining live from the stadium, your favorite sports bar, or your cozy living room, these luxury perfumes or body perfumes for men will have you scoring a "century" of unforgettable memories.  Let’s dive and line up our favorites, all  ready to bowl you over.

CODE Pyro Luxury Perfume

The Cricket World Cup arrives once every four years, so why choose ordinary luxury perfumes for men to enjoy this spectacle? Meet CODE Pyro Perfume - a luxury perfume designed in France.

Just settle into your favorite spot to watch the games, and let the fragrance of CODE Pyro envelop you in the bold notes of bergamot, and Sichuan pepper to create a woody, sophisticated aroma. You will be a star player among the people around you! As the cricket action unfolds, you will perfectly align with every game's intensity.

CODE Gold Body Perfume

Wearing CODE Gold mirrors the electrifying aura of a last-minute sixer that defines the World Cup. The fragrance is a rich blend of oriental and woody notes. It embodies the tournament itself – dynamic, powerful, and thrilling. CODE Gold is your perfect companion for those extraordinary evening matches or for raising a toast to your team's victories. This fragrance is a multitasker, ready for any occasion!

CODE Terra Luxury Perfume 

With CODE Terra Perfume, you'll exude confidence, class, and charm, much like your favorite cricketers. Allow it to leave a lasting impression on others as you dive headfirst into the thrill of the Cricket World Cup. This one-of-a-kind fragrance has the charm of oakmoss, vetiver, and cedarwood, adding depths and layers to your personality.

Engulfed in the enchanting aura of CODE Terra Perfume, one of the most exquisite luxury perfumes around, you'll effortlessly exude that unique blend of confidence, class, and charm throughout the day. This body perfume for men is as exceptional as you are.

CODE Titanium Perfume

If you want to feel the adrenaline rush of a World Cup match, CODE Titanium is your everlasting ticket! With the freshness of citrus top notes in every spritz, this fragrance is like a turbo boost for your spirit, keeping it high and uplifted even during the most intense matches. It's your secret weapon for enduring the rollercoaster of emotions that the World Cup brings and staying pumped throughout the game, no matter how nail-biting it gets!

The Cricket World Cup is not just a sporting event but a celebration of life, a passion, and is a grand unifier of us all! As you gear up to enjoy the action, let our grooming products for men 'bat' for you!

With a diverse range of body perfumes for men in our GAME READY With CODE collection to suit your personal preferences, we promise you'll feel like a World Cup winner all days of the week.

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