Best Valentine's Day Gift Ideas To Win His Heart

Ladies gather 'round because we're about to unveil the ultimate Valentine's Day gifts for men that'll leave them thinking they stepped into a scene from a classic romance film. He will be floored by the surprises carefully prepared by us. 

Gear up for some exciting gifting ideas. Follow along, and let’s shop!

Beard and Hair Combo

Shower him with double the love; the ultimate combo for men comes with everything that's super good for his beard and hair.

What’s Inside:

CODE Hair Wax

Help your man sculpt movie star looks as he'll get the confidence to rock any hairstyle he wants with a bit of help from CODE Hair Wax.

It also acts as a nourishing double agent, loaded with the best nutrients his hair can crave, such as Vitamin B5. Plus, it's easy to wash off without needing shampoo.

Compact and ethical( cruelty-free)- a sweet way to show you care!

CODE Beard Wash

How about the gift of a soft, shiny, and frizz-free beard? CODE Beard Wash is the way to guard against grime, pollutants and hair loss. Packed with ingredients such as menthol, tea tree and cedarwood, the after-effect will give him the much-needed calmness to wrap up the day and go on evening dates.

CODE Beard Wax

The ultimate combo for men comes with beard artistry – CODE Beard Wax. It's not just a product; it's the anti-itch superhero tackling dandruff and doing the pro-beard growth magic. Having this one by his side is like having a daily confidence booster. The beard wax is a jawline artist that turns mundane into a masterpiece. Show that his beard deserves a touch of brilliance!

Gift him CODE Hair and Beard Combo

Beard Combo

If your man loves his beard the most (after you!), we recommend this one.

What’s Inside:

CODE Beard Wash

Going beyond the basics, CODE Beard Wash removes excess oil and dirt, prevents acne and beardruff, and gives his beard a soft, smooth texture. And adds a healthy shine. It's an instant refresher, making him ready to take on anything – from office meetings to partying out late with you.

CODE Beard Oil

It's a total game-changer. CODE Beard Oil is a non-greasy elixir that not only gives his beard a smooth texture but also shields his face from sun damage and infections, repairs damaged hair, and reduces breakage.

This oil works by conditioning his beard from the root, delivering essential oils deep into the skin. The result? A healthy, smooth, and styleable beard - a gift for you too!

CODE Beard Wax

The CODE Beard Wax is an art form for his beard. Natural ingredients such as Kokum Butter and others bring in the softness and shine, promoting beard growth and shielding hair loss. So, the next time he steps out,  it gives his beard the attention it deserves.

Gift him CODE Beard Combo

The Ultimate Combo

We have taken the word ’pamper’ to a whole new meaning with this gifting option! Treat your guy to the ultimate combo for men carefully handpicked after rigorous research. Pick and choose any 4-5 options from below and make his jaw drop to the floor!

  • CODE Pyro Luxury Perfume for a diabolically independent charm.
  • CODE Beard Wax to keep his beard on point.
  • CODE Hydrating Body Lotion for irresistibly smooth skin.
  • CODE Beard Wash for top-notch facial hair care.
  • CODE Titanium Perfume for an extra oomph with a strong, manly aroma and a splash of marine freshness.

Need we say much?

Gift him CODE Ultimate Combo For Men

Remember, he’s not just a man; he's YOUR leading man.

And it's time for him to steal the show and for you to steal his heart.

Our Wild Stone CODE selection for Valentine's Day gifts for men will leave them breathless.  That's our promise!

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