Leave Him Speechless: Picking the Best Valentine's Day Surprise Gifts for Him

No more clichés, no more settling for the expected - this is your mission to find the best Valentine's Day gifts for him! This year, count on us to guide you, ensuring your choice goes beyond the conventional and is exceptionally thoughtful.

Be ready to be the queen of heartfelt surprises and make him say, “Wow, she’s a keeper!”.

With our gifting guide designed to steal his heart, we're helping you create a master plan to win him over instantly.

Read along!

1. Luxury Perfume Gift Set

Tell him he's worth the best things in life with the ultimate set of luxury perfumes for men. With CODE Acqua, Terra, and Pyro, a trio straight from the heart of France, each one is a crafted masterpiece!

These bottles aren't just pretty faces; they're the perfect partners (apart from you) for his on-the-go lifestyle. Small, portable, and always ready to rock. Just like him and a bit fancy!

  • CODE Acqua: dominates with marine notes
  • CODE Terra: has earthy vibes
  • CODE Pyro: is irresistibly magnetic like fire!

The three luxury perfumes for men make sure he is standing out. Go, get him noticed!

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2. The Mane for Every Occasion with Hairstyling and Beardcare Combos

When it comes to Valentine's Day gifts for him, the expectation is extra thoughtfulness, and this hair and beard combo ensures that every strand gets its well-deserved spotlight! In this combo, he will be unwrapping,

CODE Hair Serum for Men:

The lightweight, non-sticky serum promotes hair growth, softens strands, and adds a natural shine. Also, be ready to see him frizz-free! Our serum, armed with five natural oils, tames the wildest hairs. No more flyaways throwing a damper on his style game!

CODE Beard Wash:

Give him the gift of a spa day every day. CODE Beard Wash removes excess oil, dirt, and beardruff. Unlike regular face washes, it doesn't leave his beard dry and scratchy. It adds more than it takes out, leaving his beard soft, smooth, and irresistibly touchable.

CODE Beard Oil:

Support his beard love unconditionally. CODE Beard Oil is the complete package for promoting growth, reducing hair loss, and preventing itching! This beard oil fights the good fight against itching, acne, and dandruff. The result? A majestic beard that he had never expected in a million years! 

Unleash his handsome beast mode with this Valentine’s Day Gift for him.

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3. Suave Skincare Combos

Prepare to witness a jaw-dropping moment with this unbeatable combo!

CODE Hydrating Face Cleanser:

This magic bottle is a pro at unlocking pores, bidding farewell to those pesky impurities. The secret sauce? Hydra Lock technology is a moisture-locking marvel that hydrates and instantly revitalises. Make him embrace a daily ritual that doesn't just clean but makes him look like a movie star. 

CODE Hydrating Face Mask:

The reset button he desperately needs while hustling outside throughout the week! It effortlessly hydrates the skin, actively soaking up moisture. The result? A face that's not just refreshed but radiantly hydrated. It's a stress-buster. 

CODE Hydrating Face Moisturiser:

No more dry skin from Valentine's Day onwards. CODE Hydrating Face retains and replenishes water content, leaving his skin supple and hydrated. Not stopping at that, it also ensures his skin heals and looks younger. The moisturiser gives menthol freshness. Think of it as a breath mint for his face. 

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Ladies, the clock is ticking! This time, it's your turn to sweep him off the floor with some exceptional Valentine's Day Gifts for him handpicked by the Wild Stone CODE team. 

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