Valentine's Day Gifts to Match His Personality

Hold onto your heart emojis because Valentine's Day is approaching, and it's time to ditch the boring gifts and charm him with presents as unique as his music playlist. Forget the heart-shaped candies; let's dive into gift ideas that match the man – unforgettable, unique, and ultimately him.

Let's go gift-hunting!

Luxury Perfume Gift Set for the Connoisseur

When you know that smelling like a million bucks is non-negotiable for him, we have the perfect perfume gift set for men. Declare you know his fragrant choices the best with CODE Luxury Perfume Gift Set. You get three ultra-luxurious perfumes crafted in the heart of France. They are super easy to carry, compact and always up for experimentation.

What's inside this perfume gift set for men:

  • CODE Acqua has marine notes for calming beach vibes
  • CODE Terra rocks the earthy aura to give him a confidence boost.
  • CODE Pyro will make him irresistibly magnetic like fire. He will be the centre of conversation wherever he goes.

With this fragrant trio by his side, he will never blend in!

Gift him the CODE Luxury Perfume Gift Set

Face Combo for the Hardworking Hustler

This Valentine's Day gift for him is crafted with the hardworking hustler in mind because even go-getters need skincare superheroes to save the day.

What's inside?

CODE Hydrating Face Mask:

When your man hustles through the week, he needs major skincare pampering! This hydrating face mask is a moisture magnet, reclaiming natural oils and water stripped away by the weather and daily grind. Think of this as a cape; your humble superhero needs to recharge. A total must-have!

CODE Hydrating Face Cleanser:

This is not your average face cleanser - it comes with Hydra Lock technology equipped to lock in moisture and revitalise his skin like a spa day on demand, every single day.

CODE Hydrating Face Moisturizer:

Say goodbye to dry skin from Valentine's Day onward. This moisturiser is not just more than hydrating; it's the 'Fountain of Youth'. It retains, replenishes, and ensures his skin looks younger. Plus, the menthol freshness makes him feel as relaxed as James Bond walking away from an explosion.

Gift him the CODE Face Combo

Beard and Hair Combo for the Grooming Aficionado

This Valentine's Day gift for him will turn that ordinary grooming routine into a scene-stealer with the CODE Hair and Beard Combo.

What's inside?

CODE Hair Wax:

There's our CODE Hair Wax for the man who likes his hair as tailored as his suits. It's his instant pass to any hairstyle he wants, whenever he wants, for hours! Party, professional, beachy, movie star and more, the magical multitasker effortlessly crafts a hundred million hairstyles in minutes.

Bonus: it comes in a compact package for him to change his look like a mysterious agent on a mission.

CODE Beard Wash:

The CODE Beard Wash is a cleanse fit for a gentleman.  Packed with ingredients such as Tea Tree Oil, Glycerine and more, it is an antidote to grime, pollutants, and the woes of the workday. After a quick wash, he'll be ready for a night on the town or just a quiet evening with you.

CODE Beard Wax:

This one is a grooming guru with a smooth finesse, perfecting one of the symbols of his irresistible charm - his magnificent beard. All-day beard perfection is not a myth with this one, as this grooming marvel flawlessly sculpts your man's beard, offering a gentlemanly look that stays put. This is possible with the help of super-good ingredients such as Kokum butter, Beeswax and more.

Gift him the CODE Hair and Beard Combo

The gift combos served by the Wild Stone CODE team aren't just Valentine’s Day gifts for him that may sit on the shelf for months; they are in perfect sync with his personality.

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