CODE Acqua & Pyro Luxury Perfume Combo for Men Paytm
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CODE Acqua & Pyro Luxury Perfume Combo for Men Paytm

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  • CODE perfume pack for men includes 1 Acqua Perfume and 1 Pyro Perfume 100ml Each.

  • Acqua Perfume: Inspired by the lively spirit of the ocean, it’s an unparalleled exploration of freshness and rejuvenation.

  • Pyro Perfume: A fragrance that burns with the fire of inspiration, instilling a deep sense of passion.

  • Perfect for: This perfume combo pack for men is the best pick for men who travel frequently and like to wear different luxury perfumes.

  • A subtle touch of luxury for a lasting impression: Spritz it on pulse points - collar bones, behind ears, and inner wrists.

  • Product Description 

    Indulge in the epitome of sophistication with the Acqua + Pyro CODE perfume pack for men, a captivating fusion of nature's finest essences that redefines your daily grooming ritual.

    Acqua Perfume: Allow yourself to be swept away by the vivacious spirit of the ocean with Acqua Perfume. It's a peerless odyssey into the world of freshness and rejuvenation, capturing the invigorating essence of sea breezes and vitality, delivering a breath of oceanic energy like no other.

    Pyro Perfume: It ignites the senses with the fire of inspiration, kindling a profound and enduring passion with each application. It's an alluring fragrance that's as intense as it is inspiring, ensuring a lasting, indelible mark everywhere you go.

    The CODE luxury perfume pack is your key to the world of luxury and sophistication, curated for a man with taste and refinement. This transcends the mere realm of scent—it's an expression of individuality. Gently apply Acqua + Pyro to your pulse points, collar bones, behind your ears, and inner wrists, leaving behind a timeless, sophisticated impression


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