CODE Beard Wax 40 gms each (Pack of 2)
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CODE Beard Wax 40 gms each (Pack of 2)

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  • Strong & long-lasting hold for a crisp look

  • Provides your hair with softness and shine

  • Helps control frizzy hair by conditioning your beard

  • Non Greasy wax helps keep skin hydrated and healthy

  • Soothes your skin, preventing itchiness

  • Prevents dandruff & hair loss

  • No added Parabens, no animal testing, SLS/SLES & Sulphate Free

  • Doesn’t cause hair damage or flaking

  • Wild Stone CODE Beard Wax 40 gms each (Pack of 2) Jawline

    Description & Quick Tips

    Get a Jazzy Jawline

    Successful styling is all about nailing a look consistently. You have to hit the right notes every time.

    Get your look right on the daily with CODE Beard Wax.

    A combination of natural waxes work together to provide a long-lasting stronghold and frizz control that lets you ensure that every hair is precisely in place every single time. As you style your beard, Kokum Butter gives it ample softness and shine. Meanwhile, the anti-inflammatory powers of Sunflower oil and hydrating properties of Syncrowax keep your skin conditioned and healthy. This gives your beard a strong base that promotes hair growth, helping to fill out your beard and preventing hair loss.

    So the next time you head out, take a few seconds to take your look to the next level. Towel-dry your beard after a bath, scoop up some of the non-greasy CODE Beard Wax, and elevate your beard styling to an art form.

    • wild stone code beard essentials benefits

      The Divine Shine

      Hydrates your beard to keep it shiny and healthy.

    • wild stone code beard essentials benefits 2

      The Calm Balm

      Its anti-inflammatory properties help calm and relieve itchy scalp

    • wild stone code beard essentials benefits 3

      Frizz-be no more

      Wayward, wiry hairs won't mess up your look any more.

    • wild stone code beard essentials benefits 4

      Long-lasting & Strong Hold

      Stronger hold to keep your beard shaped all day long.

    wild stone code beard wax ingredients

    Key Ingredients

    What Goes In, Shows Outside

    Kokum Butter
    A healthy snack for your hair that makes it soft and shiny!

    Sunflower Oil
    An anti-inflammatory agent which soothes your skin, relieving it of itchiness.

    Carnauba Wax
    Gives a stronghold to your beard, which stays all day long.

    A moisturiser that helps keep your scalp hydrated promotes hair growth and prevents beardruff.

    Directions of Use

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