CODE Luxury Perfume for Men, Pack of 3 (8ml Each)
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CODE Luxury Perfume for Men, Pack of 3 (8ml Each)

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  • CODE perfume pack for men includes 8ml packs of 1 Acqua Perfume, 1 Terra Perfume, and 1 Pyro Perfume.

  • Acqua Perfume: Inspired by the lively spirit of the ocean, it’s an unparalleled exploration of freshness and rejuvenation.

  • Terra Perfume: Inspired by the warmth of earth, it’s the embodiment of tranquillity and earthy serenity

  • Pyro Perfume: Inspired by the energy of fire, it evokes a sense of passion and intensity.

  • Perfect for: This perfume combo pack for men is the best pick for men who travel frequently and like to wear different luxury perfumes.

  • The right way to use these: Spritz it on pulse points - collar bones, behind ears, and inner wrists to make the fragrance last long.

  • Description

    Elevate your very being with a masterpiece of refined indulgence and witness the harmonious fusion of nature's grandeur. CODE Perfume Pack for Men is a luxury trio that epitomises the essence of nature's allure and has been crafted in France. Delve into the enchanting embrace of Acqua Perfume, a revitalising infusion of ocean freshness that invigorates your soul within seconds, setting you apart with a resplendent aura. Immerse yourself in the warm embrace of Terra Perfume, a refined essence inspired by the earth's timeless charm. Its elegant notes grace your presence, leaving a trail of sophistication and captivating allure at every turn.

    Embrace the flames of style with Pyro Perfume, an audacious fragrance that sparks a statement wherever you tread. Its daring persona ignites the passion within, commanding attention and admiration wherever your journey leads. Indulge in the essence of sophistication as you traverse the world, for this exclusive perfume pack of three is tailor-made for the discerning gentleman who seeks the pinnacle of luxury. Each 8ml treasure serves as an ode to elegance and distinction, fitting comfortably in your adventures.


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