CODE Terra Luxury Perfume 100ml, Iridium Body Perfume 120ml, Acqua & Pyro Luxury Perfume (8ml each)
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CODE Terra Luxury Perfume 100ml, Iridium Body Perfume 120ml, Acqua & Pyro Luxury Perfume (8ml each)

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  • This combo contains 1 Terra 100ml perfume, 1 Iridium 120ml Body Perfume, 1 Acqua (8ml) & 1 Pyro Luxury Perfume (8ml)

  • Terra Perfume: Inspired by the magnificent earthy fragrance.

  • Iridium Body Perfume: A woody fragrance with a burst of refreshing fragrance.

  • Perfect for those who are looking for perfume combos for men.

  • Revel in the long lasting masculine fragrance of Terra perfume.

  • Introducing the Terra and Iridium Pack, a harmonious blend of fragrances for the modern man who demands sophistication and distinction. This exclusive combination features 1 bottle of Terra Perfume and 1 Iridium Body Perfume.

    Terra Perfume, a testament to the earth's magnificent fragrances, is a captivating olfactory journey inspired by nature's boundless charm. Its fragrance is a tribute to the earth's rich and grounding essence, creating a fragrance that is both timeless and evocative. Terra is the epitome of long-lasting masculine allure, designed for individuals who appreciate the allure of classic elegance.

    Complementing Terra is the Iridium Body Perfume, a woody fragrance enriched with a burst of refreshing notes that invigorate the senses. This combination of fragrances in the Terra and Iridium Pack is the perfect solution for those in search of a balanced, well-rounded fragrance experience that caters to both refined tastes and an active lifestyle.

    The Terra and Iridium Pack is a fusion of enduring masculinity and invigorating woodiness. It promises to not only enhance your presence but also evoke a sense of classic sophistication and vitality that's bound to leave a lasting impression. Immerse yourself in the essence of timeless allure with this exceptional combo.

    Manufacture By:- McNROE Consumer products Pvt. Ltd.

    Ingredients-Ethyl Alcohol (95% v/v): Content : 85% w.w with 1% w/w Diethyl Phthalate, Perfume.

    Ingredients- Ethyl Alcohol [95% v/v]; Content 91% w/w With 1% w/w Diethyl Phthalate, Fragrance, Propylene Glycol.

    Net Content - 268ml

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