Energizing Dynamic Duo - Acqua Luxury Perfume & Beard Wash
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Energizing Dynamic Duo - Acqua Luxury Perfume & Beard Wash

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  • This combo contains 1 Acqua Luxury Perfume and 1 Beard Wash

  • Acqua Luxury Perfume: The exquisite marine notes will instantly transport you back to your favourite exploration

  • Fresh, sparkling and energizing fragrance attributes take you to the realm of the ocean

  • Beard Wash: Gives your beard a light, soft and smooth texture

  • Beard Wash: Soothes the skin beneath your beard and eliminates bacterial growth

  • The Acqua Luxury Perfume and Beard Wash duo epitomizes grooming excellence, merging sensory indulgence with practical efficacy. The Acqua Luxury Perfume transports to maritime realms with its invigorating marine notes, boasting freshness, sparkle, and energy. Its olfactive pyramid, blending green apple, lemon, birch, jasmine, rose, musk, amber, and patchouli, captivates the senses with finesse, appealing to the creative and sharp-minded. Complementing this sensory journey is the Beard Wash, a grooming essential meticulously crafted for facial hair maintenance. Beyond cleansing, it removes excess oil and dirt, reducing acne and beard ruff risks. Its conditioning and hydrating properties tame frizz, leaving beards soft and manageable. Natural oils nourish hair and skin, inhibiting bacterial growth and enhancing a healthy sheen.

    Together, these products redefine grooming standards, catering to modern individuals seeking both luxury and functionality. The fusion of olfactory allure and practical benefits elevates daily routines to new heights of sophistication. As symbols of quality and efficacy, the Acqua Luxury Perfume and Beard Wash set a benchmark in the ever-evolving landscape of personal care, inspiring others to emulate their excellence.

    Manufactured By: McNROE Consumer products Pvt. Ltd.
    Net Content: 100ml Acqua Perfume and 50ml Beard Wash
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