Pre Holi Radiance Combo (Sunscreen Body Lotion + Hair Serum)
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Pre Holi Radiance Combo (Sunscreen Body Lotion + Hair Serum)

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  • This Holi Combo Pack contains 1 Sunscreen Body Lotion & 1 Hair Serum for Men

  • The sunscreen body lotion promotes hydration while defending against UVA and UVB radiation

  • The lightweight formulation reduces hyperpigmentation & prevents premature ageing

  • Hair Serum: Softens and smoothens your hair while adding a natural shine

  • Blend of 5 natural oils that controls hair fall, prevents hair dullness & premature greying

  • Description

    Celebrate Holi with our dynamic combo, merging sun care and hair care for a radiant festival experience. Our CODE Sunscreen Body Lotion offers broad-spectrum protection and skin-nourishing qualities, ensuring you stay shielded and moisturized throughout the festivities. Paired with CODE Hair Serum for Men, this lightweight formulation promotes hair growth, imparts a natural shine, and repairs damage, making your hair look as vibrant as the festival itself. Embrace the joy of Holi confidently, knowing your skin and hair are adorned with the care they deserve. Unveil a spectrum of radiance with our Holi combo!


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