6 Men’s Hairstyles as per Occasions

Would you wear the same T-shirt for a date, a job interview, or a party?

Of course, not!

Then why would you sport the same hairstyle for different occasions that demand your presence?

Hair grooming for men for different occasions isn’t rocket science, and we at Code are here to decode all the styles for you.

After all, why settle for the ordinary look when you can shine your extraordinary personality.

All you need is a little help from creams and the best hair wax for men available.

Our team has carefully curated hairstyles that perfectly match the occasion.

Ready? Here we go! 

Occasion #1 - The Office

Success favors the well-groomed. Clothes can do half the job, but your hair supports your head full of brilliant ideas. Finding the right hairstyle can be challenging, but we have picked the classic Vintage Side Part hairstyle to help your confidence soar through the roof! 


Vintage side part hairstyle

How to get the look:

Simply part your hair on the right side and set it smoothly with the best hair wax for men found in stores or online. This will help hold the suave dapper look for hours despite how hectic your schedule may get throughout the day.

Occasion #2 - DATE

A gentleman doesn’t “wing it” and shows up dishevelled on dates, do they? Sure, personality counts, but an effortless yet equally stylish look makes you undeniably irresistible. Currently, we are digging the Wavy Look. It adapts perfectly to any face structure and gives you an air of mystery- sparking interest in your big date.


The Wavy Hairstyle

How to get the look?

When your hair is completely dry, dab a small quantity of hair wax on your fingertips and run them in circles or waves to set the texture.

Occasion #3 - Wedding

There are a lot of Dos and Don’ts when it comes to dressing up for a wedding. We men must follow the unsaid rules to make an understated impression while keeping it stylish and appropriate. Our top pick for you is the ladies’ favourite - the Ivy League hairstyle. It’s a longer and smarter version of the shorter crew cut designed to give you a movie star look while starring in countless selfies and group pics.


The Ivy League Hairstyle

How to get the look

Use a round brush or your mighty hands to set the crown hair area (1- 2 inches) taller than the rest. Apply the best hair wax for men or cream to solidify its position. Brush the rest of the hair backward to set the look.

That’s it. Easy, right?

Occasion #4 Club

At a club, your hair makes the first impression; your smile comes second. When the lights are dimmed, the music is loud, and you would want to let your hair do all the talking for you. We have picked the super easy Slick Hairstyle for you to turn heads around.


Slick Hairstyle

The look comes with a natural sheen, sleekness, and sophistication. The glossy effect works magic with shorter to mid-length hair.

How to get the look

For the high-shine look, use the pads of your fingers, not the palm, and apply the hair styling products evenly; otherwise, it would give you a heavily contrasting two-tone look.

Occasion #5 Gym/Sports

Who says breaking a sweat should be boring? We suggest making it functional and fun. If you have long hair classic man bun look will never let you down, and we approve the crew cut look for shorter hair.


The Man Bun

How to get the look?

Just lock the position of your man bun with a hair tie at a position that doesn’t pull your hair too much.

Hairbands come to your rescue for cardio-heavy workouts to prevent tresses from sticking to your face.

Occasion #6: Casual Party

The rules of hair grooming for men don’t apply when chilling with your friends. Partying with them is all about letting your hair loose. Literally! A messy, unkempt hairstyle best complements the “I-woke-up-like-this” casual look. 


Messy Hairstyle

How to get the look?

Ditch the brush,  ruffle your hair - go crazy like you’re banging your head to rock songs! If you have long hair, create fringes and set them with hair wax to create long-lasting messiness.

Whatever the occasion, we are here to back you up with hair grooming for men's products to seize the look. 

Check out our range of the best hair wax for men with Wild Stone CODE that will help you rock your look throughout the day.

Here’s our quick guide : 

  • Either dry your hair entirely or leave it a little damp, depending on how much time you have
  • Rub the wax on your fingertips 
  • Apply it from the root to get the base right and move upwards
  • Viola! The hair is your playground, and be your own stylist

If you feel like restyling, apply some water to your hair and experiment again

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