Big Savings DeCODED: Top Picks on White Friday Sale

Sprinkle some CODE magic on your Wishlist because the White Friday Sale is about to get lit! With irresistible offers on grooming products for men, you will keep pressing ADD TO CART.

Here's a quick preview of our top picks on sale.

CODE Acqua & Pyro Luxury Perfume Combo for Men

Seize this exclusive opportunity to own the Acqua + Pyro CODE perfume pack at an unbeatable price during the White Friday Sale.

CODE Acqua Perfume: 

Want to feel the spirit of the ocean in a few seconds? That's what CODE Acqua luxury perfume for men is here to do. It has a beach vibe with zesty and floral notes. You'll need this when you are hustling and need a quick refresher.

CODE Pyro Perfume: 

Pyro Perfume, crafted in France, is for those unafraid to own the spotlight in a bustling crowd. It's not a mere body perfume for men! It's your personal brand story elegantly bottled, ready to unfold with every spritz. When you enter a room, make your mark; when you leave, the air is still steeped in your lingering presence. It's a luxury perfume for men curated explicitly for the exceptional. It boasts rare Sichuan pepper and bergamot notes — a fragrance made for the rare YOU.

Order now and make a lasting impression wherever you go!

Shop now: CODE Acqua & Pyro Luxury Perfume Combo for Men

CODE Combo for Men with Hair Serum, Titanium Body Perfume & Hair Wax

The trinity of grooming products for men - CODE Hair Serum, Titanium body Perfume for men, and CODE Hair Wax, is now on your shelf at a jaw-dropping price.

Now is the perfect moment to stock up on Hair Serum with wedding and New Year celebrations just a  few weeks away! Style your hair effortlessly with CODE Hair Wax, maintaining your desired look for hours, and let the CODE Hair Serum combat environmental elements, providing moisture, fighting frizz, and more.

CODE Titanium is hands down one of the hot favourite body perfumes for men. Its fragrance, featuring a captivating blend of woody and marine notes, delivers a 5-star experience every single time!

Shop now: CODE Combo for Men with Hair Serum, Titanium Body Perfume & Hair Wax

CODE Hydra Face Cleanser & Face Moisturizer

For the best facial grooming products for men, turn to CODE Hydra Face Cleanser & Face Moisturizer, each 100ml. This combo keeps your face fresh, clean, and ready to conquer the world.

The CODE Hydra Face Cleanser wipes away the grime from your face after a long day, followed by the CODE Hydra Face Moisturizer. This hydrating powerhouse ensures a revitalised, smoother complexion.

And the cherry on top? Both are available at a special White Friday price, making it the perfect time to invest in your skin and ensure you look and feel your absolute best.

Shop now: The CODE Hydra Face Cleanser & Moisturizer

The White Friday Sale is not just about discounts; it's an invitation to indulge in the magic of CODE and emerge with a renewed sense of confidence and sophistication!

Explore all grooming products for men on SALE NOW.

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