Sleigh the Season with CODE: Holiday Special Fragrances

The holiday season has just begun, and your plans probably include packing your bags for a getaway, stealing the spotlight at house parties, or skillfully managing both! And here is where you can count on us to keep you fresh and irresistibly charming with the best grooming products for men!

Wild Stone CODE Body Perfume Travel Pack

This collection, featuring four body sprays for men -Titanium, Iridium, Steel, and Copper, is designed to create a magnetic aura wherever you go.

Super Portable

The compact 40 ml travel-sized bottles make it easy to carry your favourite fragrances wherever the holiday celebrations take you.

All-Rounder for All Occasions:

Each body spray for men in the pack is tailored for different occasions, from the woody wonderland of Titanium for everyday wear to the vibrant energy of Copper for festive gatherings.

The collection allows you to transition from daytime office celebrations to glamorous holiday parties, making sure you're always standing out.

Ideal Gift Option:

The travel pack makes for a thoughtful and practical gift during the holiday season, allowing your loved ones to experience the magic of CODE fragrances.

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Wild Stone CODE Terra Perfume

Wild Stone CODE Terra Perfume is a luxury perfume for men that captures the holiday spirit and captivates everyone in the room effortlessly! It’s your fragrant mistletoe, drawing compliments with every step.

Here's how:


One spritz, and you can feel the depth and warmth that resonates with the cosy and intimate atmosphere of holiday gatherings.

The refreshing notes of Flint and Cedarwood make you a shining star at every party.

Radiate Confidence and Class:

With CODE Terra Perfume, you'll radiate confidence, class, and charm as you enter any room. Make your Christmas and New Year celebrations unforgettable with the unique experience that CODE Terra Perfume offers.

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Wild Stone CODE Luxury Perfume Pack for Men

Before the year ends and you step into a new YOU, indulge in CODE Luxury Perfume Pack for Men, a trio of luxury perfumes for men.

This pack includes 8ml bottles of Acqua Perfume, Terra Perfume, and Pyro Perfume, each crafted to perfection and inspired by the elements of nature.

Nature-Inspired Elegance:

  • Acqua Perfume draws inspiration from the lively spirit of the ocean. Energises you instantly!
  • Terra Perfume, embodying the earth's warmth, exudes tranquillity and earthy serenity, making it a great choice for festive gatherings and quiet holiday moments.
  • Pyro Perfume, inspired by the energy of fire, evokes passion and intensity, adding a touch of class to your holiday festivities.

Travel-Friendly Luxury:

The 8ml packs make this perfume combo perfect for men who travel frequently during the holiday season.

Carry the essence of sophistication wherever you go, guaranteed to make you noticed, no matter the destination!

Crafted in France:

Each fragrance in this pack is a masterpiece crafted in France, a testament to the artistry and expertise in luxury perfume creation.

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Amp up your festive game with these holiday special grooming products for men by CODE because, let's be honest, ordinary is so last season – and so not on your wishlist!

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