Suave Runs in the Genes: All for Gratitude this Father's Day

Fathers are the unsung superheroes of our lives! They always stood by us like a fortress, from healing our scraped knees when we were kids to shaping us with their wisdom when we needed the most. 

This Father's Day, let's honour them with a gift that speaks louder than words—a carefully selected perfume, a symbol of love and memories. But we know the quest for the perfect perfume gift is like treasure hunting without a map! That's why we have embarked on a heartfelt mission to carefully curate a list of body perfumes for men that will touch your father's heart. 

So fasten your seatbelts as we unlock your gift-giving game to epic proportions; get set, go!

CODE Titanium 

When finding the ideal father's day gift, look no further than Titanium Code. This extraordinary fragrance will align seamlessly with his active lifestyle and refresh his daily routine.

The fusion of citrus and tantalizing fruity notes will refresh your father while he is never stopping or slowing down! Embrace the spirit of adventure and exploration and celebrate your father's zest for life.

Give your father the gift that captures his playful nature in just one bottle.


CODE Platinum

This fragrance is your golden ticket to celebrating your father's adventurous spirit and love for the outdoors. This remarkable fragrance, featuring refreshing top notes of bergamot, cedar, and amber, encapsulates the essence of exploration while adding an extra touch of elegance. CODE Platinum unveils a rejuvenating aroma with each spritz that instantly transports your father to the captivating memories of his mountain escapades. 

Unlock the sensory gateway to adventure with CODE Platinum - one of the best grooming products for men your father's wild spirit will appreciate. He can feel the mountains even when he's not physically there. Honour his indomitable spirit with this aromatic ode to the fearless explorer within him. 



When your father yearns for all things rare, go above and beyond to honour him with the exquisite allure of CODE Gold. This fragrance embodies a luxurious and exclusive essence with its lavender and green apple top notes. Let him enjoy owning a fragrance authentically representing his distinctive style and unparalleled taste. It not only elevates his magnetic personality but amplifies the impact of his presence. 


CODE Steel

Whether working from home or enjoying leisurely activities indoors, this perfume will enhance your father's overall well-being. Its blend of bergamot and orange complements his charismatic personality effortlessly. Each whiff of CODE Steel will rejuvenate him instantly when tackling numerous challenges during the day. 

As he rocks the perfume you chose this Father's Day by Wild Stone CODE, it will become his signature superhero cape! Always radiating your appreciation and love. It's a powerful reminder of his legendary impact on your life, keeping him confident and feeling like a super dad all year!

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