The Beard Style Book - Must-Have Products to Achieve the Look

If you've landed here, it's safe to say you've already got some skin in the beard game! After all, your beard is your unique badge of honour.


But have you ever wanted to go deeper into the world of beard styles? Well, my friend, you're in luck today because we're embarking on a journey to explore top beard styles and the essential beard care products that can help you master the look.


The Classic Stubble:

A classic stubble is typically less than two cm in length, a short, evenly trimmed beard.


Essential products


Trimmer with adjustable settings: A lot relies on evenly trimming your stubble with great precision. Go for the best quality trimmers available.


Beard Oil: The stubble can get patchy areas that completely ruin your look. You must nourish your facial hair and the skin area underneath with high-quality paraben-free- beard oil for men. This also prevents prickly edges and keeps the beard super soft.


The Corporate Beard:

Looking to conquer the boardroom with style? The corporate beard is your go-to. It is less than 1 inch long and defined by sharp and tidy lines to maintain a sleek and professional look.


Essential products


Shaping products: You'll need a trimmer, scissors, and a fine-toothed comb to tame flyaways.


Beard Wax: Apply beard wax to hold the look through online and offline meetings.


Goatee Beard:

If you want to channel your inner musketeer or add a dash of charisma to your look, the goatee beard will do the job for you. This style involves separating your moustache from your chin beard for a distinctive look. Let's look into the grooming products for men to achieve this.


Essential products


Shaping products: Invest in a good quality razor to solidify the look.


Beard Oil:  Add beard oil to your daily routine to moisturize it. Ideally, apply just before going off to sleep.


The Full Beard:

Ah, the full beard, the timeless symbol of rugged masculinity. But it takes a lot of work to achieve this look.


Essential products:

Beard Wash: This beard can be a magnet for dandruff, grime and other pollutants. It would help if you washed it with a high-quality beard wash every day. It's like giving your beard a spa day, keeping things looking sharp and feeling great.


Beard brush: Opt for wooden brush to keep your beard tidy and distribute natural oils evenly.


Beard oil - to prevent split ends and keep the mane soft while smelling incredible- is a must-have for a full beard.


The Beardstache:

One of the most sought-after looks this year, this hybrid style combines a bold moustache with a shorter beard.


Essential products


Beard trimmer + comb - to maintain the balance of a beard with stubble, you will need the combo to make it look sharp.


Beard wax: Apply beard wax on the moustache area to define it.


No one's born with a great beard, and it's nurtured with love and a regime that includes some fabulous beard care products by Wild Stone CODE. So ensure you use beard oil at night, a beard wash in the morning and style with beard wax before you head out. All of this, for the love of beard!

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