CODE Beard Oil 30 ml
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CODE Beard Oil 30 ml

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  • Non-greasy oil which gives your beard a smooth texture

  • Protects your face against skin infections

  • Repairs damaged hair and reduces breakage

  • Provides protection against sun damage

  • Helps to reduce hair loss and beard thinning

  • Soothes the skin, preventing itching and acne

  • Prevents dryness and beardruff

  • No added Parabens, no animal testing, SLS/SLES & Sulphate Free

  • Wild Stone CODE Beard Oil Lifestyle

    Description & Quick Tips

    Let Your Beard Love Grow

    The first step of beard grooming is to take a step back and appreciate the magnificence of your jawline’s hairdo. It’s as unique as you and very bit as fantastic!

    The next step is to give it the care, nutrition and attention it needs to become the elegant, head-turning base to your face.

    Success doesn't come overnight. Unless it's beard grooming success. That's because your morning routine actually starts the night before by massaging and leaving in vital nutrients that lay the foundation for a healthy beard.

    This is where CODE Beard Oil goes to work, conditioning your beard and strengthening it right from the root by delivering essential oils deep into the skin it grows on. 

    Work a small amount into your beard. You can instantly feel the soothing and nourishing effects of a refreshing splash of natural extracts, accompanied by a pleasing aroma. These, in turn, promote the growth of a healthy, smooth and styleable beard while ensuring the skin beneath is free from irritants that cause acne and flaking.

    Show your beard the love it deserves. Introduce it to the Beard Oil from CODE.

    • wild stone code beard wash benefits

      Enhances Beard Growth

      Promotes beard growth, repairs damage and reduces hair loss.

    • wild stone code beard wash benefits 2

      A Soothing Touch

      Its anti-inflammatory properties provide relief from itching, acne and dandruff by hydrating and soothing your skin

    • wild stone code beard wash benefits 3

      Sun Protection

      You may feel the heat, but your beard won’t be damaged by the sun

    • wild stone code beard wash benefits 4

      Six Oil Natural Blend

      A balanced combination of six natural oils keeps your skin and beard healthy

    wild stone code beard wash ingredients

    Key Ingredients

    What Goes In, Shows Outside

    Sunflower Oil
    An anti-inflammatory oil that provides your skin relief against itching.

    Sesame Oil
    An antibacterial agent that protects your beard from sun damage and also the skin underneath from infection

    Almond Oil
    Promotes beard growth while giving your hair the smoothest texture.

    Chamomile Oil
    No flaking, no itching, no problem!

    Tea Tree Oil
    Fights both beard acne and dandruff. 

    Cedarwood Oil
    Reduces hair loss & repairs damaged beard.

    Directions of Use

    wild stone code beard wash how to use wild stone code beard wash how to use


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