Travel friendly body perfumes for men: World Tourism Day

Travelling is the ideal break from the daily hustle that can help you rejuvenate, recharge, and relish life more than ever. From witnessing the majestic mountains to embracing the sand on the beach, cherishing the food, the people, and the culture that comes your way, to creating memories of a lifetime, travelling is an experience that leads to fulfilment. You can make these best memories only when you are feeling your best. We bring you four travel-friendly body perfumes for men on World Tourism Day to bring out the best in you wherever you go.

CODE Titanium Body Perfume 

Wild Stone CODE Titanium Body Perfume is the robust and masculine fragrance packed with marine freshness has a long-lasting, luxurious fragrance. You will quickly come across the top notes of citrus and fruits that will keep you fresh throughout the day, and the heart notes of marine, patchouli, and dry amber will keep you on your toes for the rest of your travel day. The base notes of oakmoss and musk will accompany you as you return to your hotel room, tired yet excited, bringing in those long travel tales.

CODE Iridium Body Perfume 

This body perfume has a deep, woody fragrance with an explosion of refreshing energy to keep you going on your travel expedition. This luxurious fragrance has outstanding top notes of bergamot, lavender, and pepper to kickstart the day with an adrenaline rush. As you look for an escapade, the heart notes of patchouli and dry amber will stay with you. Call it a day with the warming and grounding base notes of vetiver and musk.

CODE Steel Body Perfume 

This Wild Stone CODE Steel body perfume is enough to make you feel adventurous while on an adventure. It has an aromatic classic masculine fragrance with an enchantment of freshness. This long-lasting, luxurious fragrance has refreshing top notes of bergamot, lemon, lime, neroli and orange. When you feel exhausted, the warm notes of rosemary, nutmeg, coriander, and jasmine will elevate your mood, followed by base notes of moss, amber, cedar wood, musk, and patchouli to calm and help reduce travel fatigue and stress.

CODE Copper Body Perfume 

This body perfume's vibrant, intense, and fruity fragrance with a refreshing aroma is a great way to start your journey. This Wild Stone CODE body perfume has a long-lasting fragrance supported by its top notes, made of lemon, armoise, and pineapple. A citrusy fragrance keeps you fresh to be toned down to enchanting apple, violet, and labdanum fragrances. When feeling worn out, you will have warm and calming amber and patchouli fragrances to make you feel good.

These body perfumes for men by Wild Stone CODE will keep you going no matter what. The more adventurous you get, the better. Make this world your oyster and travel to places far and wild, but don’t forget to carry these vibrant yet soothing fragrances that last long. Bon Voyage!

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