CODE Beard Wash 50 ml each (Pack of 2)
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CODE Beard Wash 50 ml each (Pack of 2)

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  • Removes excess oil and dirt from your beard

  • Deeply cleans your face to prevent acne and beardruff

  • Conditions and hydrates your beard that, helps in controlling beard frizz

  • Gives your beard a light, soft and smooth texture

  • Soothes the skin beneath your beard and discourages bacteria growth

  • Contains natural oils that are good for hair and skin

  • Adds a natural, healthy shine to your beard

  • No added Parabens & no animal testing

  • Wild Stone CODE Beard Wash 50 ml each (Pack of 2) Beard Brilliance

    Description & Quick Tips

    Bathe Your Beard in Brilliance

    Your beard needs a shower for the same reasons you take one - to be clean and fresh, so you are brimming with confidence to take on the day.

    This is precisely what CODE Beard Wash does for your fuzz. Unlike annoying face washes and soaps, which make your beard dry and scratchy by removing all the moisture, it puts back more than it takes out. Each cleansing wash gently removes excess oil and dirt while smoothing out frizzes and conditioning your beard to give it that healthy shine. At the same time, it does a world of good for your skin with a combination of nourishing oils that soothe its surface and prevent break out of acne and dandruff. And if you've left it a little CODE Beard Oil the night before, the results will be even better!

    So whether it's a day full of meetings at the office or a night out full of exciting possibilities, give your beard the freshness, lightness and shine to make a damn fine first impression! Tea-tree oil & cedar-wood oil help prevent acne & dandruff while reducing beard-hair loss. Not to mention the cooling freshness of menthol that leaves a soothing feeling throughout the day. Don't forget to top it off by styling your beard with CODE Beard Wax for the perfect finishing touch.

    Want to shower your beard with the good stuff? Look no further than CODE Beard Wash!

    • wild stone code beard wash benefits

      Skin Patrol

      Its natural oils defend your skin against acne, dandruff and prevent hair loss

    • wild stone code beard wash benefits 2

      Instant Glossy Shine

      Hydrates your beard to keep it shiny and healthy

    • wild stone code beard wash benefits 3

      A Refreshing Rendezvous

      Leaves your beard feeling cool and comfortable.

    • wild stone code beard wash benefits 4

      Frizz Control

      Wayward, wiry hairs won't mess up your look any more

    Wild Stone CODE Beard Wash 50 ml each (Pack of 2) Ingredients

    Key Ingredients

    What Goes In, Shows Outside

    No frizz, more shine, hydration all the time!

    TeaTree Oil
    Fights beard acne and beardruff 

    Cedarwood Oil
    Reduces hair loss by repairing damage and reducing breakage of hair.

    Ensures that your beard is always cool, breezy and clean from bacteria & fungi

    Directions of Use

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