CODE Hair Clay for Men 40 gms
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CODE Hair Clay for Men 40 gms

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  • Provides a strong, long lasting hold with matte finish

  • Soaks excess oil and exfoliates scalp skin

  • Detoxifies pores and maintains natural hair colour

  • Made using natural clays, volcanic ash & bamboo charcoal

  • Easy to style, easier to restyle through the day with damp hands

  • Easy to wash, no shampoo required

  • No added Parabens, No animal testing, SLS/SLES & Sulphate Free

  • Doesn’t cause flaking or damage hair

  • Wild Stone CODE Hair Clay for Men

    Description & Quick Tips

    Perfect That Effortless Look

    Some days call for a more casual vibe, where you can take it easy and have a little fun with your hair (why not, right?). With Wild Stone CODE Hair Clay for men, you can achieve that free-flowing look with absolute ease.

    Designed to perfect those relaxed hairstyles, our styling clay wax works best to give your hair ample texture and thickness, so you can really get creative in front of the mirror.

    As you go through your day, its high hold keeps your hairdo in place, adding on a matte finish to give you that all-natural, controlled chaos, messy-but-styled look. This Hair Clay also gives you complete freedom to restyle on the go using just damp hands.

    Adding more ease to easy, it leaves no residue or lumps on your scalp and washes off without you needing to ever reach for the shampoo bottle. So scoop up some Wild Stone CODE Hair Clay wax for men and add to your weekend charm offensive!

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      Stronger hold to keep your hair in place all day long.

    • wild stone code hairstyling products benefits 3

      Mix it up, fix it up, restyle through the day with just your damp hands.

    • wild stone code hair clay benefits 2

      A perfect blend of natural clays to give your hair that subtle, all-natural matte finish.

    • wild stone code hair pomade benefits

      Deep conditioning and moisture delivery to keep your hair healthy.

    Wild Stone CODE Hair Clay Ingredients

    Key Ingredients

    Kaolin Clay
    A key ingredient that cleanses your scalp, balances oil production and smoothens damaged hair.

    Volcanic Ash
    Moroccan clay contains volcanic ash that soaks up excess oils and exfoliates the scalp, while detoxifying your skin pores.

    Vitamin B5
    Your hair needs its daily dose of vitamins. Vitamin B5 in our clay makes them healthy from root to tip by nourishing the scalp and strengthening the strands.

    Bamboo Charcoal
    Helps maintain your hair’s natural colour.

    A moisturiser that hydrates the scalp, promotes hair growth & prevents dandruff while smoothening out frizzy hair.

    Directions of Use

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