CODE Hydrating Face Cleanser For Men 100ml, Pack of 2
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CODE Hydrating Face Cleanser For Men 100ml, Pack of 2

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  • Cleanses dirt and excess oil from your face

  • Opens up skin pores

  • Deeply conditions the skin 

  • Revitalises your skin, fights dullness

  • Protects your skin against dryness, itchiness and acne

  • No added Parabens & not tested on animals

  • wild stone code hydrating face cleanser

    Description & Quick Tips

    Dip Into an Ocean of Hydration

    Water breathes life into your skin. Regular cleaning makes it look even better. And with clean, vibrant skin, comes invigorating confidence! Here to give you a daily dose of all of the above, is the CODE Hydrating Face Cleanser. 

    Just splash some water on your face, pump some face cleanser onto your palms and lather it up on your skin, before thoroughly washing it off. For maximum conditioning, follow it up with some CODE Hydrating Face Moisturizer before you leave home. 

    Made from ingredients like corn starch extracts that are gentle on the skin, it spreads easily across your face, unlocking a deep action that opens your pores while ridding them of pimple-causing grime and germs. To rejuvenate your skin, it uses Hydra lock technology, which is specially formulated to provide you with an ocean of hydration. A mix of hygroscopic conditioners prevent loss of moisture from the top layer of your skin, top up its hydration levels, and even absorb water from the air like a sponge. And the icing on the epidermal cake - a touch of menthol that leaves your skin with an ice-cool feeling all day long!  

    And there you have it - healthy, hydrated skin and the self-assured satisfaction that goes with it! The kind that lets you power through any day.

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      Spreads easily across the face and sinks deep into skin pores.

    • wild stone code face cleanser benefits 3

      Nourishes the skin giving you an all natural glow.

    • wild stone code face cleanser acne

      Removes germs, dirt and impurities that cause pimples.

    • wild stone code face cleanser benefits

      Enriched with Menthol that gets you going.

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    Hydra Lock Technology

    Uses hygroscopic extracts attract water from the air and lock  it inside the skin.

    Reduces TransEpidermal Water loss (TEWL), avoid itchy, flaky and dry skin.

    Creates a barrier between the skin and environment preventing water loss from the skin

    Directions of Use

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