CODE Hydrating Face Mask 40 gms
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CODE Hydrating Face Mask 40 gms

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  • Exfoliates & removes dead skin cells

  • Conditions and nourishes your skin

  • Provides relief against itching and inflammation

  • Removes excess oil and dirt

  • Provides your skin with 3 layers of moisturisation

  • Deeply hydrates to replenish your skin’s water content 

  • No added Parabens, No animal testing, SLS/SLES & Sulphate Free

  • Wild Stone CODE Hydra Face Mask

    Description & Quick Tips

    Unmask your face’s best look

    Your skin naturally tries to renew itself by regularly shedding dead cells from its top layer. Unfortunately, with your face being the most exposed to the elements, a buildup of dead skin cells, dirt and pollutants happens over time. This leads to clogging of pores, breakouts and dehydration of the skin. Today due to excessive pollutants and irritants, your skin needs all the support it can get to boost its resilience. Luckily, CODE Hydrating Face Mask is here to save the day! 

    From the moment you apply it, glycolic acid exfoliates dead skin cells from the surface, while kaolin pulls out excess oil and dirt from within your pores. But while it’s on, it does so much more! Infused with our Hydra Lock technology, it uses glycerin to deeply hydrate your face, even as hygroscopic elements actively soak up moisture from the surrounding air. Adding another level of spa-style comfort, the anti-inflammatory properties of allantoin combine with the cooling effect of menthol to relax the stress out of your skin completely. So that when you wash off the mask and look up into the mirror, you’ll see your face glowing with health and hydration. 

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      Resets your skin by erasing the effects of stress and fatigue.

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      Removes dead skin cells, excess oil and dirt.

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      Alleviates the skin’s natural glow instantly

    • wild stone code face mask benefits

      Boosts the skin’s defence system by removing acne-causing dirt &

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    Hydra Lock Technology

    Uses hygroscopic extracts attract water from the air and lock  it inside the skin.

    Reduces TransEpidermal Water loss (TEWL), avoid itchy, flaky and dry skin.

    Creates a barrier between the skin and environment preventing water loss from the skin

    Directions of Use

    Face Mask for men Hydra Face Mask How to Apply


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