CODE Hydrating Face Moisturizer 100 ml
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CODE Hydrating Face Moisturizer 100 ml

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  • Nourishes and conditions your face

  • Provides 3 layers of moisturisation

  • Soothes the skin and aids in repair

  • Non-sticky and refreshing

  • No added Parabens, SLS/SLES & Sulphate Free

  • Not tested on animals, never will be

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    Description & Quick Tips

    Your Face’s Hydra Boost

    Quench your face’s thirst with a refreshing cocktail of skin conditioning called, CODE Hydrating Face Moisturiser! 

    Formulated to retain and replenish water content in your skin, it uses our Hydra Lock technology to provide you with an ocean of hydration, through hygroscopic conditioners like Hyaluronic Acid,  that go a step further by absorbing moisture from the surrounding air. And that is after they’ve delivered and locked in 3 levels of moisturisation. This non-sticky refreshing gel removes excess oil build up while unlocking the power of amino acid extracts to help your skin heal, making it look younger and healthier. If it hasn’t done your skin enough favours already, it also imbues it with the freshness of menthol. 

    So give your face a well-deserved shot of hydration, with our hydrating Face Moisturiser. Simply apply a small amount on your face and massage it thoroughly so it spreads across and deep into your skin, giving it the moisture it needs to look its smooth, supple best. 

    Pro tip: before moisturising, give your face a quick wash with CODE Hydrating Face Cleanser, add extra vigour to your skin.

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      Nourishes the layers of your skin, making it look younger.

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      Contains Proline (amino acid), which helps in healing.

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      Hyaluronic Acid lends a soothing effect that makes the skin feel supple

    • wild stone code face moisturizer benefits

      Our trademarked technology continuously hydrates long after application

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    Hydra Lock Technology

    Uses hygroscopic extracts attract water from the air and lock  it inside the skin.

    Reduces TransEpidermal Water loss (TEWL), avoid itchy, flaky and dry skin.

    Creates a barrier between the skin and environment preventing water loss from the skin

    Directions of Use

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