CODE Titanium Body Perfume 120ml & Hair Pomade 40gm, Pack of 2
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CODE Titanium Body Perfume 120ml & Hair Pomade 40gm, Pack of 2

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  • Type of Perfume: No gas body perfume.

  • Scent Type: Strong and manly aroma with a burst of marine freshness.

  • Best in class long lasting luxurious every day wear fragrance.

  • Provides a flexible hold with a glossy finish.

  • Improves your hair texture while adding volume to your hair

  • Easy to wash, no shampoo required

  • No added Parabens, No animal testing, SLS/SLES & Sulphate Free

  • Doesn’t cause flaking or damage hair

  • Wild stone CODE titanium perfume and hair pomade

    Description & Quick Tips

    Titanium Body Perfume

    The Wild Stone Code Titanium, no-gas body perfume gives you that sense of a unique persona that you would love to flaunt confidently. Titanium’s strong masculine fragrance with a burst of marine freshness exudes effortless charm for a man whose charisma is a class apart. The classic fragrance opens up with a fresh zesty blend of citrusy fruity top notes that blends into lively marine freshness with calming patchouli on a sensuous musky woody base, a stylish every day wear perfume. This luxurious fragrance works well with formals and casuals and leaves you feeling happy, energized and fresh all day long.

    CODE Hair Pomade

    CODE hair pomade for men results in a winning hairdo that's deliberate, defined and glossy with a spotlight shine. Made from natural waxes, this pomade masterfully balances moisture retention and scalp health, enhancing the health of your hair. All this while giving it added volume, texture and a superior yet flexible hold and gives the freedom to restyle on the go using just damp hands. What makes it even easier to build into your routine is that it washes off easily without shampoo and is non-sticky, leaving no lumps or residue behind.


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