5 Tips to a Great Home Beard Care Routine

As the old saying goes, if you love your beard, it will love you back!

Your beard is an extension of you. You invest significant time, energy, and effort growing it; you might spend a little care taking care of it. Your at-home beard care routine doesn’t have to be exhaustive or follow a list of beard grooming products. We at Team Code will walk you through the easy steps to keeping your beard well-groomed and managed.

Let's go!

Tip no.1 Brush your beard

Brush your beard

Not brushing is beard neglect. Consequences include tangling and curling of beard hair in tiny clusters - running your beard look entirely. Before you incorporate regular brushing, understand your beard and your brush first. There is no point in damaging your hard-earned beard with combs or brushes that can cause long-lasting harm. Avoid plastic combs that are readily available in Indian markets. Not only do they easily break, but they also leave mold marks on your skin. Metal and wooden combs are much more durable and smoother on your face. A comb with wider teeth also gives you much control if you have curly angles.

We recommend brushing your beard mane twice a day. Avoid overdoing it to put undue stress on your facial pores.

Tip 2: Wash it!

beard wash

We need to get a few things straight.

A face wash is not a beard wash.

And a hair shampoo is not a beard shampoo!

Hair shampoos are meant for your scalp and not for your beard follicles. What about soap? Again a big no.

Beard shampoos or beard wash products are your beard’s best buds. They are carefully designed to exterminate debris and dandruff and remove that greasy look from your face.

Recommended usage is twice or thrice a week.

Apply it on a damp beard with your fingertips, lather it up, rinse and dry. It’s that simple.

Check for the water temperature; if it’s too hot, it will dry out your skin, and if it’s too cold, your pores won’t open. Lukewarm water is best for your skin.

Pro Tip:

Condition it - If you have just two minutes to spare, apply a beard conditioner and rinse your beard hair with warm water. You’ll lose your mind when you see the extra softness and sheen.

Tip 3: Hydrate it

beard oil

In dry seasons, your beard will feel starved of water. If you forget to moisturize, split ends will invade your beard. A good beard oil is a must-have beard grooming product for repair and hydration. Benefits include -

  • Softening the texture of the beard
  • Reducing prickliness
  • Eliminating beard dandruff and split ends
  • Creating shine

How to use it?

Apply small quantities of beard oil, rub it on your beard, and leave it on. It’s that simple. The best time to apply it is before sleeping to wake up with a hydrated beard.

Check out some of our popular beard oils loved by lakhs of men: Beard Oils by Code

Tip 4: Style it

A beard style amplifies your personality and does most of the talking in social situations. To hold your very own unique beard style, you recommend styling it with beard wax - a popular beard grooming product.

How to use it?

After washing your beard and conditioning it, dry it before applying beard wax. The quantity of beard wax depends on the length of your beard. Melt the wax by rubbing it between the palm of your hands and run it through your beard to style it. Comb it to make sure the wax is evenly spread out. Set it to dry for a few minutes and your beard style is ready to rock!

Tip 5: Trim it

Trimming your beard

Trimming is an excellent option to stop flyaways, split ends, and regular dishevelment. To manicure your beard into a sculpted shape, you need to examine the length, your face shape, and how the new adjustment will fit your overall look. You have to exercise great caution. You can't undo a lousy beard cut, can you?  Use scissors first to set the baseline and to reduce the chances of a 'beard-astrophe’; then proceed to use a trimmer to give a final finish.

Pro tip:  We know a soft beard feels like butter and makes it hard not to touch! However, over-touching is one of the major sources of bacterial transfer and causes skin infections.

If you are new to beard care or want to switch up your routine, we have got your beard grooming needs sorted. Indian men swear by our range of beard care products, that have been rigorously tested on various beard grooming styles.

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