The Guide to Fragrance Families: Know Your Signature Perfume

Have you met the real power players in the fragrance realm – the fragrance families? These families are like the taste-makers in perfumery, meticulously categorising fragrances based on their signature notes. They have been evolving and branching out for centuries, creating a universe of fragrances. Today, let's dive into the cream of the crop among fragrance families and explore the top body perfumes for men making waves on our shelves.


Let's start with the citrus family. The fragrances explode with freshness, much like slicing open a tangy orange or lemon during a scorching summer. These lively, citrus-infused perfumes for men are your passport to a pumped-up, refreshing vibe. The feeling you get after a much-needed shower after your daily workout! If you're all about action and energy, we've got the perfect match for you: CODE Chrome body perfume.


Imagine a fragrance that transports you into the woods, surrounded by the earthy embrace of trees and leaves. It's rugged, masculine, and perfect for channelling your inner explorer who doesn't want to be caged. With warm woody notes, these body perfumes for men are ideal for the outdoors or a night out when you want to make a statement without even trying! Our recommendation? Try our much-loved CODE Iridium body perfume.


Aquatic fragrances are your jam if you're into the beach life. They capture the essence of the ocean breeze, offering a clean and stimulating experience. When the temperature rises and you crave the refreshing splash-like feeling, we wholeheartedly vouch for CODE Steel Body Perfume to instantly get a marine touch on your skin! 


Amber is often described as sweet, woody, and earthy. These fragrances exude warmth and exotic charm, making them the perfect choice for leaving an unforgettable impression. If you're all about fashion-forward choices, explore CODE Copper body perfume bod as your ultimate go-to amber fragrance. It fits your love for style and sophistication like a fragrant glove. 

Aromatic Green: 

Aromatic green family fragrances are like a breath of fresh air in a bottle. They burst with invigorating, herbaceous notes that swiftly give you a feeling of wandering in a lush, green field. Think mint, basil leaves, and a zesty grapefruit kick—all harmoniously blending for a rare fragrance, just like you appreciate exclusive things in life. Our favorite pick for you is the CODE Gold Body Perfume.


Fruity fragrances represent a fusion of Mother Nature's most exotic treasures - the essence of exotic fruits, hyping up your day with never-ending energy. They align seamlessly with your outgoing and health-conscious self. Our top suggestion? Look no further than CODE Titanium Body Perfume, the quintessential expression of this exotic enchantment.

Discovering Your Preferred Fragrance Profile

So, guys, take it slow on this quest. Unearthing your fragrance profile is like finding that perfect fitting suit—it's a journey well worth the investment. Go for one that wows your senses and gives you confidence and comfort. Once you've nailed down your preferred fragrance and perfumes for men, brace yourself for the remarkable transformation it can bring to your style and presence. Here's to happy hunting!

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