Win The War Against Dehydration With The Right Weapon of Choice

When it comes to good grooming, the weather is certainly no friend of your skin. In summers, the boiling heat of the sun snatches water out of your skin, while winter comes at you with cold, dry winds looking to rob it of much needed moisture.

That’s when it’s time to arm yourself with a potent weapon - a powerful moisturiser that shields your skin and snatches back the water that’s rightfully yours.

The question is which one do you go for - oil-based or water-based? Oil-based moisturisers create a protective layer on the surface which locks in existing levels of water, which works well with chronically dry skin. For all other skin types - including oily skin - water-based moisturisers work like a dream. That’s because they don’t just support and enhance your skin barrier, they also deeply hydrate each layer of your skin - even going as far as absorbing moisture from the air around you. You’ll find these double-benefits across our CODE skin hydration range, which thanks to Hydra Lock technology are even more enhanced to deliver superior moisture levels that stand apart.

The Bottomline:

keep your moisturiser handy to win the fight against moisture-sapping weather. Because when hydration is on the line, losing is not an option.

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