ZODIAC - Inspired Fragrances for you

Did you ever consider the connection between your zodiac sign and your fragrance preferences? Wild Stone CODE Perfumes for men has a range of fragrances inspired by the elements of nature - earth, fire, and water - that can be paired with different zodiac signs. Here are some recommendations for the perfect CODE Perfume fragrance for your zodiac sign based on these elements:


A fire sign that embodies passion, energy, and excitement can pair with CODE Pyro Perfume. This warm and spicy fragrance captures the intense and fiery energy of the sun.


An earth sign representing stability, grounding, and sensuality, can complement its sensual and grounded nature with CODE Terra Perfume, an earthy and comforting fragrance with wood and moss notes.


A water sign representing communication, curiosity, and versatility, can embrace its versatile and curious nature with CODE Acqua, a fresh and airy fragrance with sea salt and citrus notes.


A water sign representing emotions, intuition, and sensitivity, can resonate with its sensitive and intuitive nature with CODE Acqua Perfume. This cool and refreshing fragrance captures the essence of water.


a fire sign representing leadership, creativity, and confidence can complement its bold and powerful nature with CODE Pyro. This fragrance captures the fiery and fearless nature of a Leo.


An earth sign representing organisation, practicality, and attention to detail, can embrace its practical and organised nature with CODE Terra, a grounding and earthy fragrance.


A water sign representing balance, harmony, and beauty, can enhance its delicate and balanced nature with CODE Acqua, a light and refreshing fragrance.


A water sign representing intensity, passion, and intuition, can embrace its intense and intuitive nature with CODE Acqua. This cool and refreshing fragrance complements the Scorpio's character.


A fire sign representing adventure, optimism, and freedom can pair with CODE Pyro. This warm and spicy fragrance perfectly complements its adventurous and optimistic nature.


An earth sign representing discipline, ambition, and practicality, can enhance its practical and disciplined nature with CODE Terra, an earthy and grounding fragrance.


A water sign representing innovation, independence, and eccentricity, can complement its innovative and independent nature with CODE Acqua, a fresh and airy fragrance.


A water sign representing creativity, intuition, and sensitivity, can embrace its sensitive and intuitive nature with CODE Acqua. This cool and refreshing fragrance perfectly captures the character of a Pisces.

By pairing your zodiac sign with a fragrance inspired by the elements of earth, fire, and water, you can explore your personal preferences and discover fragrances that complement your unique personality traits. So go ahead and try a new scent by Wild Stone CODE that resonates with your zodiac sign, and embrace the connection between astrology and nature's elements.

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