7 Best Body Perfumes to add to your Fragrance

Whether it's the sweaty summer or biting cold winter, body odour is the most common enemy of Indian men. It makes you feel conscious and underconfident and sucks away your charisma. Most body perfumes for men do half the job as the fragrance evaporates in a few hours, further spoiling your day. Whatever the occasion is, our CODE Team has a list ready if you are also looking for the best body perfumes for men! 

Our recommendations include the 7 best body perfumes in India that contain 0% gas and last long hours.

Let's dive in!

Wild Stone CODE Chrome Body Perfume

When best to wear?

Perfect for romantic dates that extend to late-night dinners.

It can be worn in all seasons.

What's so special?

Time truly flies when you are spending time with your special one! But don't you hate when the fragrance you just sprayed starts diminishing? If you want to exude a long-lasting, irresistible charm, we highly recommend CODE Chrome Body perfume. You will have your date's full attention and be swimming in a pool of compliments. That's our guarantee!

What's inside?

Top Note: Bergamot, Lemon, Mandarin, Lavender, and Basil

Heart Note: Geranium, Lily, Juniper, and Coriander Jasmine

Base Note: Musk, Vetiver, Amber, Sandalwood, and Rosewood

Wild Stone CODE Titanium Body Perfume

When best to wear?

Formal or casual evening outing

What's so special?

If you have picked the proper outfit and suitable hairstyle for an outing, why should the right fragrance be left behind? Whether hanging out to play snooker with the boys or having a picnic with the family, Our CODE Titanium Body Perfume is one of the best perfumes for men in India. You will instantly be enveloped in luxury that blends formal and casual wear. You can't help but feel energized and happy! 

What's inside?

Top Note: Citrus & Fruits

Heart Note: Marine, Patchouli & Dry Amber

Base Note: Oakmoss & Musk

Wild Stone CODE Copper Body Perfume

When best to wear?

Best for parties and clubbing.

What's so special?

Imagine if you are in a room full of people shaking a leg to loud music and people around you ask, 'what's that mesmerizing fragrance?'. That's what CODE Copper Body Perfume does! Designed by Master Perfumers in France, it magnifies your presence and personality, leaving the other men in the room wondering what's missing in them.

What's inside?

Top Note: Lemon, Armoise, Pineapple

Heart Note: Apple, Violet & Labdanum

Base Note: Amber & Patchouli

Wild Stone CODE Gold Body Perfume

When best to wear?

Special events, office.

What's so special?

Gold is rare, and so are you. If there is an instant-confidence serum you need for a rough day, CODE Copper Body Perfume brings out your inner beast. Its fragrance elevates your confidence and charisma to the next level. Just spray it once, and you will see the difference!

What's inside?

Top Note: Lavender, Green Apple, Mint, Grapefruit, and Basil

Heart Note: Carnation, Sage, Geranium, and Jasmine

Base Note: Cedarwood and Patchouli

Wild Stone CODE Steel Body Perfume

When best to wear?

Office, conferences.

What's so special?

If you want to exude class and confidence in high-tempo situations, CODE Steel Body perfume is for a Man of Steel like you. 

Its aquatic energy works constantly to energize you through a rough day while exuding a commanding presence.  

What's inside?

Top Note: Bergamot, lemon, lime, neroli, and orange

Heart Note: Rosemary, nutmeg, coriander, and jasmine

Base Note: Moss, amber, cedar wood, musk, and patchouli

Wild Stone CODE Iridium Body Perfume

When best to wear?

Office, critical meetings.

What's so special?

The most enigmatic form of communication is your fragrance. It tells everything about your temperament. Whether a fresher or a boss, your scent makes you look modern, bold, and confident in the office where you spend at least 8 hours of your day. Will you compromise or wear one of the best body perfumes in India, loved by the leaders?

What's inside? 

Top Note: Bergamot, Lavender, Pepper

Heart Note: Patchouli, Dry Amber

Base Note: Vetiver and Musk

Wild Stone Platinum Body Perfume

When best to wear?

Best suitable for winters - especially when you are partying till the sun is up or breaking a sweat in the gym. 

What's so special?

Best choice for dull winter when you have to rub your contagious energy onto the crowd. The mint added makes you feel you've just taken a shower. It best complements your personality, which is a class apart! 

What's inside

Top Note: Bergamot, Orange, and Birch Leaves

Heart Note: Ozone, Muguet, Violet, and Cardamom

Base Note: Vetiver, Amber, and Cedarwood

Pro tips on how to use our range of Wild Stone CODE body perfumes for men

● Avoid rubbing your wrists together after spraying the perfume

● Moisturize your body well before applying perfume for a long-lasting stay

● Spray perfume on your pulse points and lightly dab it.

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