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Love's Luxe Ensemble: A Valentine's Gift Set of Endless Romance!

Step into a realm of romance with a thoughtfully curated gift, whispering sentiments. Amplify the enchantment with our exclusive Valentine's offer – Craft your perfect moment with a unique CODE grooming combo, tailor-made for this season of affectionate connections!


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Top Valentines Gift Packs for Men by Wild Stone Code.

Love lasts forever! Wild Stone CODE celebrates this unshakeable presence of love with you all. From exclusive Valentine’s gift packs for him that are assembled thoughtfully to slashed prices across all CODE essentials, there’s a lot you can tap into this week. Enrich your grooming regime by indulging in the luxury packed inside CODE products. Bring a wide smile on your beloved’s face by picking up your CODE favorites as Valentine’s Day gifts for him.

40% OFF ACROSS EVERYTHING THAT’S CODE (Make the most of it!)

Fragrance: CODE’s collection of body perfumes offers versatile fragrances. Explore these enticing scents that boost your confidence with the first spray. Enrich your body perfume closet with our impressive variants in long-lasting fragrances - Titanium, Steel, Iridium, Copper, Platinum, and Gold. Hair: Fending for your hair with nourishing ingredients, CODE hair care essentials together form a luxurious line of hair merch. Our carefully crafted collection offers Hair Serum, Hair Wax, Hair Pomade, and Hair Clay. Eliminating Bad Hair Day once and for all! Skin: Indulge in our premium skin care range that’s crafted with nourishing and non-toxic ingredients. Diligently curated after analyzing the requirements of men’s skin, CODE’s hydrating range of Face Cleansers, Face Moisturizers, Face Masks, Hand Creams, and Body Lotions revitalizes your skin. It feels like sheer luxury on skin! Beard: CODE’s not just about growing beard but also about maintaining a lustrous beard! Presenting beard care essentials for men – Beard Growth Oil, Beard Anti-Dandruff Wash, and Beard Wax. Specialised in beard care, this line of premium products will retain the lustre and volume of your beard.

Why CODE should be your first preference?

Crafted for those who are a cut above the crowd, Wild Stone CODE essentials are power-packed with luxury and oomph. All products are carefully formulated with nourishing and harmless ingredients. What makes CODE a class apart in men’s grooming range is the sheer experience our products leave you with after every use. This Valentine’s, pick a gift combo from CODE that he would love to indulge in.