5 Ways to Make Your Beard Grow Faster

Nothing is more frustrating than a beard that takes a million years to grow. Wherever you are on your beard journey, you don’t have to get too worked up! Beard hairs are unique- they vary in thickness, can behave differently in facial angles, and come with challenges.

After some exhaustive research, our Wild Stone CODE team has come up with five surefire ways to make your beard grow faster and achieve your #beardgoals.

1. Unlock your beard follicles

Unlock your beard follicles wild stone code blog

Can a seed tightly wrapped in the plastic grow into a plant? The same logic applies to the beard you are dying to grow. 

You cannot expect your beard to grow if bacteria, grime, and toxic pollutants clog the follicles. A recent study by Switzerland’s Hirslanden Clinic found that beards carry more harmful bacteria and germs than dog fur.

You might think that a regular shampoo will wipe away the invaders, but that’s the biggest misconception. You need a special beard wash for men to make your beard clean and robust from the roots. While shopping for beard wash, make sure you look for something that hydrates your beard and helps control beard frizz.

For the best results, though, follow these tips:

● Lather the Skin and Roots – Pump a small amount, work the beard wash down to the root to hydrate follicles 

● Rinse It All Out - Keep the beard floor clean beard mat will dehydrate the skin. Beardruff and itchiness are problems if you’re not rinsing properly.

Need help with which beard wash to use? 

We suggest trying this one out: Beard Wash For Men.

2. Eat rich for a king-size beard

Eat rich for a king-size beard

To grow a healthy beard faster, your beard needs two critical hormones, testosterone and dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Without sufficient production, you will not only have to wait for months to reach your ideal beard length, but the overall quality will be brittle. 

What to eat to boost a beard?

We are listing the top 5 that you can consume regularly

  1. Protein-rich diet - lentils, legumes, green peas
  2. Zinc - Abundant in pumpkin, lentils, seeds, spinach
  3. Iron - nuts, dry foods
  4. Vitamin B5 (reverses grey hair) - mushrooms, avocado, milk
  5. Vitamin A - cheese, dairy products

3. Feed your follicles

Feed your follicles wild stone code blog

Simply put, you cannot expect a healthy beard to spring from a weak base. Most patchy beards result from follicles devoid of nutrients that stunt and weaken growth. You can incorporate beard oil into your daily routine to end beard starvation. One of its unintended positive effects includes preventing skin problems and blocking in-grown hairs. 

Application: Ideally, before sleeping, work a small amount of beard oil and rub it thoroughly in your roots. That’s it. Minimum effort, maximum effect.

 Check for beard oils that are non-greasy, paraben free, and have anti-inflammatory properties to prevent acne, beardruff, and itching. 

If you are searching for a good beard oil, we recommend our CODE Beard Oilvouched for by lakhs of Indian men. 

If you have a mid-length to long beard, beard oil is the perfect manager your hair needs to tame and avoid scruffiness. 

4. Lifestyle Changes

Lifestyle Changes wild stone code blog

Little things in your everyday life can accelerate or delay your process. 

Sleep: Researchers recommend getting enough sleep for testosterone production vital for your beard growth. If you are occasionally sleep-deprived or earn less than 5 hours of sleep, your body will release lower testosterone. Further causing a brittle beard and snail-paced growth. 

Stress: It is one of the top beard-killers! Chronic stress releases cortisol that plummets the production of testosterone and DHT. If you are experiencing stress for prolonged periods, find practical ways to manage it after discussing it with professionals or a close support group. 

Exercise: circulates blood flow helping hair follicle growth. Researchers have found that beard-growth stimulating exercises are weightlifting and strength training. The two should be incorporated into your fitness routine. 

Drink enough water: good hydration means a smoother flow of vitamins and minerals to your skin cells. Go ahead and chug a bottle now!

5. The subtle art of brushing your beard 

subtle art of brushing your beard wild stone code blog

Brushing keeps your beard detangled, cleans it, and increases the mobility of the skin’s natural oils throughout your beard. Routine practice makes your beard grow in the right direction and not in disastrous patches. Your beard is also less likely to be a victim of split ends and frizziness. Once you have grown your hair to the desired length, you can use beard wax to experiment with different beard grooming styles for men that are trending. If you want styling options for your current beard, check out our CODE beard wax, rated highly by our users: CODE Beard Wax.

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