Grow the Beard of Your Dreams While You Sleep

When you sleep at night, your body goes into maintenance mode - repairing and restoring, among other things, the cells that are the building blocks of literally everything in the body, including your skin and hair. So that by the time you’re up, the next morning, you’re rejuvenated and ready to face the day. You’ll be doing your beard a solid favour by building a beard care regimen to take advantage of this night-time cycle. What you need is a grooming product that locks in much-needed oils and important nutrients to promote the growth of strong, healthy beard hair.

Look no further than CODE Beard Growth Oil. It’s packed with a wholesome blend of six natural oils. Sunflower oil, sesame oil and camomile oil work together to alleviate skin inflammation. The soothing effects of tea tree oil make things even more comfortable. And as a finishing touch, cedarwood and almond oils ensure that every morning, you wake up sporting a dream come true!

Before you sleep, simply use the bottle’s dropper to squeeze a few drops of Wild Stone CODE Beard oil into your beard and massage it all the way in, then leave it in overnight. This will allow all the active ingredients to sink into your pores and coat each hair, delivering moisture and goodness from root to tip. The result: skin that’s free from flaking, irritation, acne and beardruff, which in turn supports the growth of a healthy, soft-textured beard.

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