Be Someone's Secret Santa - Christmas Grooming Gifts for Men

Christmas is around the corner, and finding gifts for men is more challenging than finding water on Mars!

Whether it’s your coworker, father, brother, friend, or anyone special, you want to ensure your gifts are thoughtful and, most importantly, functional. Not something that gathers dust.

Well, you don’t have hyper-stress about what to gift. We at the Wild Stone CODE team have done the digging and carefully curated the best grooming products for men who matter to you! Our list has remarkable and thoughtful ideas to light up a smile on their faces. 

Let’s shop!

Christmas Grooming Gift Set  For Men

Three essential must-haves to win them over.

christmas gifts for men with iridium, hair wax & beard oil

What’s inside?

#1. CODE Iridium Body Perfume 

Men secretly wish someone would pick up a fragrance for them as a gift. Our signature CODE Iridium Body Perfume is your best bet if you are looking for something earthy, masculine, and sophisticated! 

Why is this a perfect gift?

Made for the Confident Gentlemen

Inspired by the scents of the earth, Iridium perfume is for men who draw energy from nature. It gives the raw, rugged power to face life's daily adventures.

Rooted in Earth

The bold and woody fragrance is infused with revitalizing notes of Bergamot, Lavender, and Pepper. Its Patchouli and dry Dry Amber base of Vetiver and Musk give it an effortlessly strong scent that lasts all day long!

No gas - Why would we want the fragrance to vanish in thin air after a couple of hours? We have 0% gas to make this premium perfume last through tests of traffic, sweat, and rough atmosphere.

#2. Beard oil 

Give the men you value the gift of a magnificent beard. Our CODE Beard oil is the elixir they have been missing out on!

Why is this a perfect gift?


Our beard oil protects the mane from heat - one of the greatest enemies of a hard-grown beard. It also blocks harmful UV rays that cause split ends and dryness. The anti-inflammatory properties shield common skin infections and dandruff that contribute to thinning of the beard and beard loss.

Fragrant, cruelty-free

Our CODE Beard Oil nourishes the hair while giving a pleasing fragrance. That’s a double win! With no added Parabens, SLS/SLES & Sulphate, we are 100% cruelty-free. A dream beard should come at 0 cost to the environment.

#3. Hair wax 

Why is this a perfect gift?

Our CODE Hair Wax is the hairstyle expert anyone can count on for any occasion. The hair wax has the vision of transforming any personality into a bold and unconventional one!  

An all-weather product, the hairstyle stays throughout the day.

Easy re-stylability : Classic, messy rockstar or however whichever look you have in mind, simply set it with our CODE Hair Wax-  one of the best grooming products for men invented!

Nourishing touch: Free from all the baddies, our hair wax comes with ingredients such as Vitamin B5, Carnauba Wax, and Beeswax. That’s deep conditioning for the hair for 24 hours and more!

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Christmas Skin Care Set for Men

What’s inside?

The gift of happy and healthy skin with our power-packed duo.  

#1. Face Moisturizer 

We call it the fountain of youth. CODE Hydrating face moisturizer is packed with superpowers making you wonder where you have been all your life!

Why is this a perfect gift?

Fights aging: Aging, what aging? Our Wild Stone CODE Hydrating Face Moisturiser maintains skin elasticity, targets fine lines, and shields skin cells by forming a protective barrier. 

Heals and rejuvenates: Imagine chilling outside or at work while giving shelter to toxic chemicals for more than 12 hours a day. That's some heavy-duty damage! That's why our hydrating face moisturizer removes toxins like a pro. With added powers of Proline (amino acid), it also helps heal any skin damage caused. 

Eliminates excess oil: Whether you have oily skin or are subjected to humid conditions daily - the moisturizer extracts all the unwanted extra oil. Hyaluronic Acid present also makes your skin supple. 

Provides continuous hydration: Nope, it's not science fiction. Our trademarked Hydra Lock technology continuously hydrates by absorbing moisture from the air. Your skin will not be water deprived or dry and flaky long after applying! 

Non-sticky: A greasy look will ruin your entire look and make you feel icky throughout. Unlike most moisturizers, ours is non-sticky.

Smells good, really good: With menthol fragrance emanating from the face, feel relaxed, refreshed, and tingly even after spending hours outside. 

#2.Face cleanser

Why is this a magical gift?

Deep Cleaning Expert:  CODE Hydrating Face Cleanser enters deep into the pores and scoops out dirt, debris, and toxins to retain a natural masculine shine. 

Built-in Conditioning: Our power-packed ingredients enriches deep layers of the skin and renew and repair cells that have gone through damage. 

Fights acne : Impurities clogging up is a recipe for skin disasters. Our Face Cleanser clears choked pores, removes pimples, and lets skin breathe.  

All-day face freshener - Menthol fragrance soothes, purifies, and refreshes tired skin. The perfect quick boost your skin needs to seize the day's to-do lists.

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