Winter is a Monster of a Season - especially for your beard!

When the temperature drops, it weathers unexpected storms such as beard acne, breakage, dryness, and beardruff. The daily cycle of exposure and damage continues for months till spring arrives. Honestly, there's a lot you need to know and do to keep your beard mane sane! Don't fret; whether it's winter beard care tips or understanding beard care products, our Beard Care Squad Team has your back. We have a manageable list of 5 ways to prepare your beard for winter - keeping it healthy, full, and flourishing!  

Say no to piping hot showers

"Wait, what? But it's winter!". Is this what you are thinking? 

We said piping hot; warm showers are a big yes!

Burning hot showers 

  • sucks the much-needed moisture from your skin, 
  • doesn't allow pores to open and
  •  makes your healthy beard follicles dry up like a raisin.

This accelerates the shedding of skin cells faster, causing beard flakes, stunting beard growth, and making your magnificent mane look wiry. 85 to 92 degrees F  or 29 to 33-degree celsius - is the perfect temperature range for a shower your beard will appreciate! 

Wash that beard!

You know your beard carries more bacteria than dog fur, right? An average day is a playground for grime and toxic pollutants. If you are not ready to wash your beard regularly, you are welcoming clogged pores, acne, and a host of other beard problems. A recipe for micro-trauma every day! A regular soap or hair shampoo will simply not work and cause more damage than cleansing. Specialized beard grooming products such as beard wash are your friend to eliminate all the toxicity that settles during this season. It contains milder ingredients while doing the maximum job.

How to apply?

  • Pump a small amount
  • Work up a lather
  • Massage thoroughly on wet beard
  • Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water. 

We recommended this highly-rated Beard Wash, that's always getting sold out!


Your winter beard survival guide must include a moisturizer for taking care of the beard mane you have been growing for months. Highly moisturizing beard oil will give back what winter has been taking away from your beard and skin follicles.

One of the best beard grooming products skin scientists have invented. You should apply beard oil daily if you haven't introduced this in your styling regimen.

The best time for application is just before you're about to sleep. This will help keep your beard and the skin healthy and extra moisturized.

How to apply?

  1. Apply a few drops of beard oil to your palm
  2. Rub your palms and fingers across your beard
  3. Brush it gently to distribute the oil evenly. 
  4. Apply more beard oil if you have a long beard or facing extreme dryness.

A beard oil is your beard-bro! Check out one of the best beard oils loved by millions of Indian men - Beard Oil.

Brush often

Brushing your beard regularly this freezing winter stimulates healthy growth, untangles pesky knots, and equally distributes beard grooming products such as beard oils to your hungry skin follicles. Don't go aggressive and overboard with frequency to prevent skin damage. Avoid fragile plastic combs; wood and metallic ones work best.

If you are going for a particular style, apply a good beard wax to amplify and keep your style intact after brushing. Check out one of India's popular - Beard Wax for men.

Stay away from beard-killing habits

  • Freezing your beard

If you're enjoying a snowy vacation, your beard is insulating your face, but what is insulating your beard? Freezing temperatures and dry air are pretty lethal for your mane. It not only makes the structure brittle but also strips away essential oils from your face in minutes. You just need to warm it gently with a muffler. Go get one home if your wardrobe is missing a beard blanket.

  • Staying dehydrated and eating junk food

Drink water often to help add moisture to your body. Your home can be dehydrated too. Add humidifiers to make way for much-needed moisture in your home.

When it comes to binging, junk food is heaven! But a regular overdose of oil-dripping foods can cause causes to mark your face and beard roots with acne.

  • Scratching

If your skin feels itchy during winter, don't scratch it. It can spread infection and also make way for painful ingrown hairs. Instead, apply moisturizer to curb the urge.

If you are looking for more men's grooming products or beard care products for all seasons, check out our range here:

 Stay warm and flaunt a proud beard, bro!

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