Beard Care Product Hacks that will blow your Mind

Hold onto your beards, gentlemen, because the world of beard care is about to blow your mind away! These exceptional beard care products for men have some secret mind-bending uses you may have never heard of. So without further ado, let's unveil them all.

Tattoo Aftercare

Fresh ink needs some TLC, and guess what? Your tattoos deserve nothing less than a red-carpet treatment considering you are committing to it for life! And undoubtedly, your beard wax can provide the best aftercare it needs. Top-quality beard waxes come with natural ingredients such as sunflower oil, kokum butter and beeswax, which have the soothing and anti-inflammatory properties your fresh tattoo craves.

CODE's beard wax is paraben-free, so you can apply a thin layer to your clean, dry tattooed skin twice or thrice daily and leave it on. Not only do they work their magic to reduce the redness, but they also help get rid of dryness and overwhelming itchiness by applying moisturization. Get ready to say goodbye to the itch that makes you twitch.

Shape Eyebrows 

Eyebrows are your face sculptors. They effortlessly frame your face and accentuate your features by providing a robust and masculine structure that draws attention to your eyes—the windows to your soul. And would you compromise that with beastly, untamed brows?

This is where your beard balm comes to your rescue as a true multi-tasker. Apply a little dab and shape your unruly brows with your fingers. Go on about your day and wash them off with lukewarm water before bed. Repeat the styling process to transform them into refined masterpieces. Bonus effects include getting a much softer brow as CODE's premium beard wax is packed with the goodness of beeswax and kokum butter.

Shield from Sunburn

When you forget to take your body lotion, or if it goes MIA, your beard oil can be your unexpected saviour.

Applying grooming products for men, such as beard oil, nourishes and moisturizes your facial hair and the underlying skin. The key to sun protection lies in the ingredients typically found in high-quality beard oils packed with natural oils such as sunflower and sesame oils that shield you from harmful UV rays from the sun. They also guard against harsh elements from nature, such as toxic pollutants, if your skin is susceptible.

Please note: beard oil is not a complete substitute for sunscreen products. It offers a certain degree of defence against UV damage by providing nutrients and much-needed hydration to guard you when you go on a sun-kissed, not sunburned, adventure!

Did we blow your mind with the extraordinary and unconventional uses of beard care products for men? If your stash of these magical products is running low, it's time to stock up and unleash the power of beard care like never before.

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