Beards Gone Wild - A Fantasy No One Is Buying

Back when you were a teenager with three hairs growing out of your face, you dreamed of conquering the world with a beard so full-blown that it would blow everyone’s minds. If you’re reading this that means you’ve now got the fuzz you’ve dreamed of. Now it’s time to make the effort to groom that wild growth into a thing of beauty. Because let’s face it, a scraggly, out-of-control jungle of hair growing wild on your jaw is no one’s fantasy. With regular care and a proper grooming regimen, you can transform your beard into well-defined magnificence that oozes class.

Start before you go to bed at night, by hydrating and nourishing the hairs on your face and the skin beneath it with beard oil. Wild Stone CODE Beard Growth Oil unlocks the power of 6 naturally occurring extracts that give your beard a soft, smooth texture while moisturising your skin and protecting it against irritants that may cause it to break into acne and cause beardruff. Simply leave it in overnight and let that good, good nutrition seep in.

When you hit the shower the next morning, treat your beard to CODE Beard Wash, for a cleansing experience that’s designed keeping in mind that the skin your beard grows on is not the same ball game as your scalp. Its tea tree oil extracts fight acne while cedarwood oil promotes the growth of healthy hair. To top that, a cooling wave of menthol soothes your skin and fights bacterial growth, leaving your beard feeling fresher than a good night’s sleep!

And finally, get points for style with Wild Stone CODE Beard Wax. Once you’ve washed your beard, simply pat it dry with a towel and go to work, shaping your beard. Style as you desire, taming flyaways and stray hairs till you’ve sculpted a picture of perfection.

Your beard is now ready to command and conquer! It’s time to go out and win the world.

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