Don't Lose Your Head (or Your Hairdo) - Unlock the Power of Restylability

If you've ever ridden a motorcycle, you know that a helmet is the worst hairstylist known to man. But as a sensible, responsible rider, you also know that your head isn't the easiest thing to repair. So, the helmet stays on. And it keeps remixing your hairdo into various unfortunate "accidents".

Fortunately, your hairdo is fixable. That is if you've used a hairstyling product that's restylable. Take, for instance, the hair wax, clay and pomade from Wild Stone CODE. Each of these is loaded with organic waxes and vitamins that help strengthen, condition, moisturise your hair and smoothen frizzy hair. This ensures that the strands of your hair don't dry up, allowing you to fix and restyle your hair all day long.

CODE hair grooming products for men also protect your hairstyle against all the threats it faces over the course of your day out - heat and sweat, baseball caps, that unplanned afternoon nap that messes up your hair, and yes, helmet-hair. All you need to do is dampen your hands, run them through your hair and shape it back into the masterpiece you started your day with or create another one as per the occasion. And in a matter of a few minutes or less, it's like nothing ever happened. You're back to the look you began with - whether it was a neatly-combed slicked back courtesy of a scoop of hair pomade, a textured quiff moulded with hair wax, or even a messy (by design, not accident) style brought together by the stronghold of clay.

You'll be happy to note that our products have no harmful chemicals like parabens, sulphates, and SLS/SLES. Hence the chances of hair damage are absolutely Zero. And they have never been tested on animals, making them completely cruelty-free.
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