The Icing on the Top - What you Need to Nail that Perfect Look

Would you pair flip flops with formal wear? Would you slip on a pair of winged-tip brogues before a match on a football turf? Do you feel that kolhapuri chappals complete the beachwear look with your swimming trunks?

If your answer to all three questions was ‘No!’ Then we’re on the same page.

The thing is that all the individual elements of a look need to fall into place so that you do full justice to it, from the clothes to the shoes to the accessories too - while we're on the subject - your hairstyle. And to nail your hairstyle every time, you need the right styling essentials on your side.

So, which one is it for you - wax, clay or pomade? Well, that depends on the look you’re going for. Obviously, having all three in your grooming kit gives you the freedom to switch between a variety of different looks, depending on what your day looks like and what vibe you’re angling for.

Hair Pomade

An essential part of power dressing is the clean-cut, no-nonsense hairstyles that go straight to business. Pomades offer a flexible hold and a glossy finish, allowing you to control definition to create neatly-combed hairdos that make a fantastic first impression. CODE Hair Pomade is loaded with natural waxes and vitamins that condition your hair and scalp, promoting hair health. Scoop some for that OG slicked back look that perfectly complements your formal attire.

Hair Clay

If you're looking to slip into a more chilled out and easy vibe (read: Sunday morning, when you also have Monday off), Wild Stone CODE Hair Clay is your best friend. It supports your hair with a stronghold while giving your fingers enough control to build texture into it. Also, its matte finish nicely rounds off that effortless, natural look. CODE Hair Clay soaks up excess oil, detoxifies your skin pores and maintains your natural hair colour, adding several plus points en route to your messy weekend look. A pair of khakis and a linen shirt are optional.

Hair Wax

The best hairstyles allow you to bend the laws of gravity at will. Hair wax gives your hair the stronghold and sculptable lift to do just that, letting you go for hairstyles requiring more texture and finishing things off with a glossy shine. For instance, even a pea-sized amount of Wild Stone CODE Hair Wax is enough to help you create a high volume quiff, pompadour or faux hawk. Add to that the naturally built-in nourishment it provides, and you've got your daily dose of hair care locked in. Which shows every time you go out!

To sum it up, these three hairstyling essentials are all you need because each of them allows you to achieve a variety of hairstyles. Still, they also don't dry up like gels, allowing you to fix and restyle your hair throughout the day. Putting the power of healthy, restylable hair in the right hands – YOURS!

Also, it's important to know that there are no harmful chemicals like parabens, sulphates, and SLS/SLES in our products on Wild Stone CODE online. Hence the chances of hair damage are absolutely Zero. And they have never been tested on animals, making them completely cruelty-free.
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